Lies or Legacy…What Will We Leave Our Children?

It is so amazing how warped our theologies can become if we do not understand God’s Word, and do not see life as God sees it. The way we live, think, act–it is all a direct result of the way we understand God’s Word. And thus, the way we raise our children will be a direct result of our biblical understanding.

Never in my life have I seen this concept so clearly stated as in this amazing video by Voddie Baucham (I guess you know by now he is one of my favorite pastors!)

The majority of Christians have bought the world’s lie–“It’s all about me”…and that lie is having devastating implications for the family…and we all know, as the family goes, so goes the culture.

I would encourage you to ask your husband if the whole family could sit and watch this clip–really profound.

It is also especially helpful in answering some of the confusion encountered with the Prosperity message…

Click on the link below:
Legacy: Generational Promise

2 Responses to “Lies or Legacy…What Will We Leave Our Children?”

  1. yoshi3329 says:

    I dr. Voddie Baucham! thanks for the link!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I listened to Voddie Baucham’s whole sermon and am going to take your advise. I am going to ask my hubby and kids to listen to it also. Thanks for your stand for families. Your thoughts and writings are so refreshing. I appreciate you and your blog.

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