It’s Not About Sarah Palin

I wrote a post addressing all the questions in the last thread of comments; then, for an unexplained reason, I couldn’t get the paragraph breaks to work. No matter what I did. And so I left it unpublished. I prayed. And I believe it is not the post the Lord wanted me to write.

You can pick apart Scripture, and try to justify a rebellion against God’s sovereign order of the family, and in the end, you’re only left with chaos, confusion, and the mess that is our current society.

But those few Christians willing to take a good hard look at what happens when we do things our way can see the judgement that is befalling us.

I am a woman. I can be anything I want to be. I can pursue any career under the sun, submit to another man’s authority, and I can give my duties away to someone else while I do it.

I can teach my daughters to do the same.

But my life is not disconnected from those around me. Nor is yours. There are consequences, and debts to pay when we say God was wrong, or Scripture doesn’t provide practical direction for our lives.

One comment was brought up that I did want to address, because I think it’s paramount to the discussion.

Someone, thinking they were correcting my assertion that “the zenith of human accomplishment is home, family and raising children”, said that the zenith of human accomplishment was the greatest commandment–to love the Lord and love our neighbors as ourselves, and to go and make disciples of the nations.

And I say, my initial comment is still true, even according to that definition. To love the Lord with all my heart is to obey Him. To love my neighbor as myself is certainly to begin by loving those entrusted to my daily care. To make disciples of all men MUST start in my home, if at all.

And when we suggest that a woman can treat her job at home as a peripheral task, we make a grave misjudgement, for which the entire nation pays. For her work is long, hard and tedious. It requires her best, all that is in her, and she stills fall short. It requires sacrifice–her time, her energy, and possibly even her own desires. It requires trading her thirst for prestige for a greater reward.

The Christian community roars on one side about the atrocities of abortion or the desecration of the traditional family model, and then we applaud the very vices that brought us there.

Carmon at Buried Treasure Books wrote this thought-provoking piece:

“Why is it that abortion is so prevalent and accepted in America today? What are the reasons that women “choose” to abort their babies rather than give birth to them and mother them? It wasn’t because one day a madness overtook the female sex and caused them to turn on their young. It was much more insidious and slow-moving than that. There are many moments we could point to in history, beginning with Eve’s emancipation by eating the forbidden fruit, for the genesis of the impulse to selfishly rid oneself of every encumbrance, including male headship and clinging children. But I think that the acceptance of abortion can trace its foundations more to Rosie the Riveter than to Roe v. Wade, which was only the culmination of independent roots that finally blossomed into wholesale slaughter of innocent children. Governor Palin leaving her home to become governor of Alaska, and “choosing” to run for second-in-command of the most powerful nation on earth, is not a coup for the pro-life cause, despite her personal convictions, but it is the death knell of the the biblical family as an American institution, and will only bring grief to those who are trying to hold together the shreds of that family vision in the midst of a perverse society.”

I am not a “legalistic, condemning, judgemental, so-called Christian”. I am a woman with a cry of despair for our people. I’ve been accused of trying to deny women their rights. When the opposite is true…I wouldn’t spend time laboring over these issues if not for a deep concern for the people of God, their women, husbands and children.

Sarah Palin did not start as “just a mom”. She was a powerful, talented, gifted, blessed mom with a plethora of opportunity and an influence that could burst the gates of hell open. She chose to be “just a mom”.

And let me reiterate that I am not maligning the character of Mrs. Palin, by pointing out a misuse of her power; we love to condemn other Christians by accusing them of condemnation in such cases as this. God commanded us to exhort one another, rebuke, teach sound doctrine, warn, and hold up truth. He never called us to a willy-nilly “it’s not my place to judge” attitude. We have misunderstood judgement.

I humbly implore you…with a gentleness, a heart-brokenness, a compassion and love, to consider giving God’s perfect design a chance to turn our nation back to Him. Not through compromised convictions, but through staunch obedience to the force He set in motion in the Garden.

It is beautiful; it is fulfilling, it is peace.


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  1. Jessica in Peru says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart, for your vulnerability, transparency and gentleness that I see in this post. It is very beautiful, and I understand much better where you were coming from. Thank you! I pray that God will bless you and your family as you seek to honour and serve Him:) Jessica

  2. Word Warrior says:

    Sincere thanks, Jessica.

  3. Sommer says:

    What a beautiful post and what courage to bare your self to so many, knowing that so many will not treat you with respect.

    I have only just found your blog and find it refreshing in a world full of wishy washy-ness. You convict, make me think and consider things that had not come to mind for me. Thank you!

    I pray that you will continue to stand strong for God and teach in love and gentleness. I will surely return to be encouraged, and spurred on by your words.

    Lots of love,

  4. Mrs. Taft says:

    First of all, on an unrelated note, I LOOOOOVE your new blog design. It is refreshing and beautiful and I hope you keep it!

    I really appreciate your heart on this matter. I still stand by my decision to support the McCain/Palin ticket, for many more reasons than I have even begun to delineate. But I do understand–and relate to!–your thoughts and heart here. I truly do. I believe in many of the same things and same ways as you do. I appreciate your openness on this matter 🙂 God bless!

  5. ~ Sara ~ says:


    I visited you blog for the first time yesterday. And at first I was totally offended. But having given myself time to “cool” off as it were I no longer feel the way I did. Well at least not totally. 🙂

    This is the thing. I believe God can call women to do just what Mrs. Palin is doing. And before we start pitying her family why don’t we ASK her family what they feel.

    Lets face it the men of today are NOT Godly in the sense of what the says they should be in the bible. And no I’m NOT saying all christen men are like this. I once read a book “Maximized Manhood by Ed Cole”. After that I knew what a real Christain man should be like. And that is one of the reason I’m not married. The other which is off topic is I distrust men on the whole. Mostly Christain men… and no I won’t get into it.

    I do believe God can call women to do amazing things. We don’t know the inner workings of another person and what they feel the Lord has led them to do. We need to pray for our leaders. Right now I’m sure Mrs. Palin is in need of prayers, and not the kind that pushed our views to the Lord.

    Anyway enough of my rambling…feel free to delete this comment… I just needed to say my two cents worth… Thanks… Sara

  6. Kathy, Jeff's Wife says:

    Ester or Deborah, who are probably two of the most talked about Bible women this week, did not have children at their time of being called.

    Deborah was used by God because of the lack of Godly men. That is not the case today. There are men willing and capable to lead, we just have a general population of voting Americans that are more concerned about their pet cause than they do about what the Bible and the Constitution says.

  7. jonash says:

    I, too, wanted to address every Scriptural example used in one of the comments.

    This morning I just feel it is not my place. I don’t know why. 🙂

    I have greatly enjoyed reading these last few posts. I think you have nailed it more than anyone, wrapped up in a nice little package my own thoughts on the matter. 🙂


  8. Tracy (JourneyMomma) says:

    I love what you have written on the matter of Sarah Palin, and I agree with you completely. Keep standing for the truth and be strong. You are doing women a great service by continuing to follow God’s leading and sharing the Biblical truth here on your blog!

  9. Gombojav Tribe says:

    I tend to agree with WW on a lot of things. This doesn’t seem to be one of them. 🙂

    I agree more with this:

    Off topic: Kelly, I LOVE the new blog design, too!

  10. Word Warrior says:

    Gombojav tribe,

    There are 2 blaring problems I saw with that article.

    #1. She writes :”If the answers don’t fit what we’ve decided–in our opinions–constitute holiness, we chew the woman up and spit her out in disgust.”

    That was right after her list of things like “hairstyles, clothes, etc.” I strongly disagree that women leading in matters of civil government and leaving their family behind to do it is an opinion. I think it’s a very important Scriptural deviation that we cannot overlook.

    #2. She said we had the choice in voting for a baby-killer or a “strongly pro-life team”.

    I would encourage everyone to do some more research about McCain’s pro-life stance. Rejecting the Sanctity of Life Act, promoting and funding Planned Parenthood and voting in favor of embryonic stem-cell research doesn’t sound very pro-life to me.

    I know it’s tough to write in a candidate when it’s obvious he won’t win. But as I’ve said before, we must remember we will also answer to God for our conscience’s sake.

    I’m certainly not suggesting “you can’t vote for McCain”…I just want to make sure everyone understands fully where he stands.

    We thought Bush was pro-life too. Are there any fewer babies being killed?

  11. Word Warrior says:


    Thanks for the blog design vote!!!

  12. Gombojav Tribe says:

    WW wrote: “We thought Bush was pro-life too. Are there any fewer babies being killed?”

    The answer is yes.

    Bush declared “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday” an official day.

    Bush vetoed a bill that would mandate federal funding of experimentation on live human embryos.

    He appointed constitutionalists judges with whom we have the potential to overturn Roe V. Wade. His judges also tipped the vote enabling Partial Birth Abortions to be made illegal.

    He also signed into law the Federal version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

    I do not agree with Bush on everything, but he has been a very pro-life president.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I happen to agree with you. I think McCain's decision was a "technique" more than anything. Clinton's supporters lost a woman so now he's got one for those still bitter toward Obama.

    Her little one with Down's is 4 months old for goodness sakes. VP means long hard hours, traveling; family will be way last on the list. That poor baby has lost his mother; so have the others.

    The 17year old is pregnant, by the way. She is 5m along, keeping the baby, & will marry the father. The parents are proud of her decisions & proud to be grandparents.

    Certainly thankful there was no abortion, but… Yikes anyway.

  14. Phamilyof6 says:

    You probably already know this, but I thought I’d share it for those who don’t know that it was announced today that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

    I did some calculations and in 1992 was when Mrs. Palin started office (city council), right about the time that her daughter was 6 months to a year old and she had a 2 or 3 year old in the house as well. I wonder if she had been home raising her children and serving her husband, instead of pursuing success and worldly achievements, if her family would be in this situation today? Just a thought! This just encourages me all the more do to what God has called us to do and invest MIGHTLY in my family and forsake the call of the world.

    Happy to be home!
    Jessica in Peru

  15. Ace says:

    Amen Sister. I keep seeing other Christians looking for an excuse to back her and I want to cover and hide. They keep pointing to the story of Deborah. I am like “DID YOU ACTUALLY READ THE STORY!” The men were weaklings who were being judged by God, so he handed over the rule and THE BATTLE to two Women. Deborah was disgusted by them! No one reads the Bible anymore, they just repeat what some prosperity spouting televangelist says anymore.
    I am sick of it. Leaving your family to serve the country isn’t noble, it is a serious mistake. You can be replaced in a second in ANY OTHER career…except Mother and Wife.

    Many Blessings 🙂

  16. God's Dancing Child says:

    AWESOME post!!

    (I am now making a government folder, to go alongside my home management binder!! LOL)

  17. edwardianbeauty says:

    Thanks. I wasn’t angry at you just shocked when I read articles about the Bible forbidding female leadership. After cooling down and talking to my mom I came to my senses.

  18. Lisa says:

    These are very thought provoking, deeply felt convictions that you have shared with us, and I thank you. I’m glad to have been led to you to read this veiwpoint.

    I agree whole heartedly that God’s design for women is to be raising our hearts, homes and particularly the souls of our children to Him, but I cannot say that I feel the same certainty that He cannot call one of us to a position less hidden by the hearth. I would never personally work outside the home ~ unless I had to ~ unless, say, something untoward happened to my husband…. But something untoward has happened to our country, hasn’t it?

    How can we know that Sarah Palin has not the calling to use the heart and head of a woman to help affect change on a larger scale than her own home at this time? I cannot know that she is looking for “prestige” by accepting the VP nomination, but I can hope that she wants to do good for our country with the power she may gain. She seems to be the type to do that. I can pray, anyway, that it is so.

    As for her family, I’ve honestly worried about them, too. But, how can we know that her husband has not been called to fill in for her, or that her older daughters can’t fulfill these roles when she is unable to be there? St. Therese the Little Flower grew up without a mother, as have many great people. The lack of a mother figure doesn’t necessarily spell the doom of a family. And, certainly, we can’t know that her public office caused her daughter’s unfortunate situation. I know of many situations where daughters brought up in the most orthodox homes, with stay-at-home mothers ended up pregnant out of wedlock. It happens. I pray for that little family. Perhaps their understanding of LIFE in saving that baby will be an example to other young women out there. As little Trig’s life may be, as well.

    Undoubtedly, McCain chose Mrs. Palin as a point of strategy, but then, anyone he chose would have been a strategized move, as well. I have more respect for him than I did before that he did choose someone who is so strongly an unapologetically pro-life, at any rate. Maybe he’s taking a chance on America that we care more about this paramount issue than the media thinks we do. I hope he’s right if that’s the case.

    Anyway, the juxtaposition of these two tickets seems to me to be the most obvious example of good vs. evil in modern times. I cannot help but feel I have to cast my vote for the good here. But, I do understand your take on this.

  19. Gombojav Tribe says:

    Lisa, your response is so gracious and honest! I apprecaite it and I agree with you!


  20. Word Warrior says:


    Thank you…that was a gracious response of your stance.

    I’ve been asking a question, truly wondering the answer about something…maybe here is a good place to ask everyone’s opinion:

    Because so many Christians are considering that God could have called Palin “for such a time as this”, echoing stories about Deborah and Esther, it made me think…

    There are several biblical accounts of God asking His servants to do something that was expressly opposed to the written commands of Scripture, such as Deborah and Esther (if you believe He commands the roles of women, which I do), and also Abraham (to murder his son) and Hosea to marry a prositute.

    In every instance–and I think I’m right about this, the only thing that “trumped” the Word of God was God’s audible voice. How else would these figures have known to “disobey” what had already been commanded?

    Does anyone have a thought about that?

  21. Gombojav Tribe says:


    I don’t think that God is double-minded.

    If we see perceived exceptions to the rules, I think we just don’t understand the rules–not that God changed His mind in some situations.

    If you give the stipulation (which I don’t think Scripture does) that anything goes as long as you’ve “heard God’s voice” then all sorts of things will begin to be justified.

    So, when it seems like God has contradicted Himself, I am much more likely to doubt my understanding of Him and His Word than try to figure out why and how it can be justified.

    That’s my feelings on your question. I look forward to what other ladies believe.


  22. Anonymous says:

    How dare you people assume to know the mind of God?! How dare you put him in a box?! Presuming that God can’t or won’t do something or use somebody. Especially somebody who is a believer. The bible (and history)is filled with God using people who you would not have approved of.I cannot believe some of the things I am reading here. Some of you need to stop being so self rightous , judgemental and presuming to know that becaude this or that happened in the bible then God is like this or not like that and today he could not or would not possible use one someone because of their sex or because they had children. Sarah Palin appears to represent every one of the major christian values. Obama, on the other hand is quite the opposite. I cannot believe anyone here would be advocating voting for him for any reason, if you know anything about him, you know he is evil..yes Evil. He has openly mocked God and mocked the bible in public only a few years ago. He is a staunch supporter of abortion among many other moral issues, he is on the wrong side! You shold be praying for God’s will, however he chooses to carry it out, to be done in the election. You should also be praying for Sarah Palin as a sister in Christ for wisdom and strength and to be a vessel for God in whatever capacity HE chooses. God is still GOD. I believe that he has most definately had a hand in putting Sarah Palin in the positoin she is presently in. If God Chooses to use Sarah Palin, HE CAN. he does not need your permission! If this country on the other hand elects Obama, then they deserve what they get.

  23. Word Warrior says:


    Yes, Obama is evil. No question. And I’m left standing at the crossfire…voting for McCain and Palin would require me to compromise some of what I believe are biblical principles (more than just the fact that she’s a woman. McCain has some issues all by himself I can’t support in good conscience.)

    What I have to search out is, do I vote out of fear of man, for the “lesser of two evils”, or do I vote in clear conscience before God, fearing Him more?

    I don’t presume to take the complications out of this debate. I’m not naieve to realize it is hard for Christians sharing my belief, when we are faced with what seems like only two choices.

    And you must vote how you are led to vote…no question.

    I would just challenge each one to begin with the fear of the Lord which will lead to wisdom.

  24. Word Warrior says:



    I’ve addressed my stance on why I think there are exceptions where God used people in the Bible to do something He had otherwise spoken against. You should read the rest of the posts.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I did read the posts. So you are saying that we should not accept that God cannot break out of the mold of our understanding except by his “audible word”. He is not allowed to do that by action or orchestrating of events? I’m sorry, but I disagree with you and there are many examples in the bible where God did the unexpected without audibly explaining himself to us first. I’m not saying that Sarah Palin is beyond a doubt God’s vessel here…but who are we to say that she cannot be…that God cannot be God. That is a reoccuring message in trhe bible…God is God and our miniscule understanding of him will not dictate what he can and will do. I See nowhere in the bible where it says “Yeah therefore without exception a woman cannot be placed in a leadership position, especially if they have Children…thus sayeth the Lord” Sorry, couldn’t find that.
    Some of you sound like the hypocratic liberal media. And that is Scary.

  26. Word Warrior says:


    LOL! Actually, given the whole counsel of Scripture, I could almost give credit to the verse you constructed.

    I see a Christian theology with a humsnistic tint here…”who are you to judge?” “How do you know God can’t do that?”…

    We just have to be really carefully which issues we “back off” from, and which ones we remain the voice of truth on.

    If not, anyone can do anything in the name of “God called me”, and we must remain silent. We are commanded, actually, to judge matters pertaining to this life…where else should we be most inclined than matters of our nation’s future?

    I said in another post, “this issue is not about Sarah Palin”. It’s about a message she sends…and that message is, I believe, a message that has been sent for a long time, and has been a KEY part of the destruction of our nation.

    Do you want to know why half of America is trying to elect an evil President?

    Because they don’t know better, and because their parents abdicated their responsibilities to teach them right from wrong, and they handed them over to government indoctrination. THOSE kids, are voting now.

    And the answer is to perpetuate the lie that was foundational to that mess in the first place? That home is minute, children don’t need full-time Moms EVEN THOUGH the Bible says they do (Titus 2), women can rule over men, EVEN THOUGH the Bible explicity forbids it?

    I understand the caution when it comes to “speaking God’s will” for others. I don’t think that applies here…I think we, the people, are morally responsible for considering the warnings of Scripture on these major issues. Yes, I believe with all my heart God can use Palin. He used many people who didn’t strictly obey His Word. That’s HIS business.

    Our business is to make sure we, within the best of our knowledge, are adhering to the principles of which He has clearly spoken.

    That’s what I believe we are held accountable for.

    My flesh wants to vote for Palin…I can’t lie. Simply from a fear of Obama. This is so painful for me. But my heart keeps hearing:

    “Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people; and walk in the all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well unto you.

    But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the counsels and imagination of their evil heart, and went backward, and not forward.

    This is a nation that obeys not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receives correction; truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.”
    Jer. 7:23

    Spoken in love

  27. Anonymous says:

    I agree that there is a humanistic “who are you to judge” or “why couldn’t God do that” movement in the liberal world , but I don’t think that is in issue here. This election is not about womens rights. It’s about the morals of a nation.

    Sometimes what we perceive the lesser evil is actually the good.
    Jesus was chastized by for teaching on the Sabbath…remember.

    We must I think at this time agree to disagree…or this could go on forever. I will close my posts by saying that I believe that God might or probably (IMO) had a hand in shaping out choices for this election. We need to use wisdom. I believe that this is the most obvious case of “Good Vs Evil” in a presidential election that I (42 years old) have seen in my lifetime. Please use wisdom here…a write in vote or a vote for anyone other than McCain / Palin IS a vote for Obama. Dont make a foolish choice or lead others into making a foolish choice….trying to somehow warp things into fitting your interpretation of how they should be. Pray and have faith that God’s will be done. Basically we have been given two choices here. One is obviously Evil and that other is inherently Good, but for a “technical violation” (as you see it anyway). Trying to start some type of write in campaign or whatever similar option you may consider would be a foolish choice and IMO rejecting the right choice that has been laid out before you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Jesus healed on the Sabbath…my error.

  29. Monica says:


    You may not have made out very well in our first elections…. too many choices, and not one was in the form of a team!

    Also to a Anon, (don’t know if you are the same person or not)
    quote: “If God Chooses to use Sarah Palin, HE CAN. he does not need your permission! If this country on the other hand elects Obama, then they deserve what they get.”

    This seems a bit contradictory to me. On the one hand it sounds like you are saying that God is in control of the election and SP’s place in it, then that the country electing Obama would be their own doing? Just wasn’t sure I was “getting it.”


    Great posts. Very thought provoking. As today is the 1532 anniversary of the fall of Rome, I posted a short article by Bill Federer that I feel paints a picture of Modern America. You may want to read it, if you have a chance.

  30. jonash says:

    I just wanted to throw my two cents out about Esther. I have never really understood what she did that was so revulutionary.

    She married a king.

    A relative told her of danger to her people.

    She took her life in her hands and approached her husband and besought him on the matter.

    She didn't legislate a different decree herself, or form an army or make demands the king or anything. Yes, she was brave b/c there was a weird cultural restriction in place denying her free acess to her husband. If that hadn't been in place there would be a lot less drama in the story!

    I imagine that there is a good chance of many men in power changing a vote if their wife wants to make the effort to wine & dine (men always think more clearly on a full stomach!) and ask him to!

    As for Deborah, she delivered God's message, Barak asked her to go up to the battle with him, and she said "sure". He still commanded the troops…so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel 'freedom' to go with troops to a location closer to the battlefield or what. She was a prophet, and the people trusted that if they needed to talk to God, He would talk back through her. I seriously doubt they put a sword in her hand or let her into combat.

    I just don't know what I'm supposed to read into those stories. Yes, God used them. And yes, God is still using women today. Mainly in and around their homes, like He always has. Even Esther didn't leave her home….lol!


  31. Word Warrior says:

    Such great points Ashley!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Dear Monica,
    You said,
    “This seems a bit contradictory to me. On the one hand it sounds like you are saying that God is in control of the election and SP’s place in it, then that the country electing Obama would be their own doing? Just wasn’t sure I was “getting it.”

    Like I explained before, God is laying out two choices for this country, one good, one evil. God can have his hand in many things but he doesn’t take away our free will. God lays out choices for us every day. Everything from how to react to other people, to give in to temptation or not, to help someone in need or not, or in this case whether or not to elect a leader who is governed by biblical truths. I’m not saying we have a perfect choice, we would only have that if Jesus himself were running. But I do believe God has placed Sarah in this position for a reason. She is a born again Christian with evangelical views and values. I saw a tape from her home church earlier this year where her Pastor prayed a very sincere heartfelt prayer for her that God would use her for great things…seems like God is answering that prayer.Frankly I am amazed that as Christians you are choosing to be legalistic instead of rallying behind her, praying for her and thanking God that we have a righteous person in that position.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s nonsense how people whined about Palin and said, “I’m not voting for McCain or Obama, I’m voting for a third party!” as though that. would. make. a. BIT. of. difference. That really ticks me off. I love Palin’s work and her fiesty spirit; she and her family are tight-knit.

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