Nick Vujicic: Lord, Make Me Grateful

I’ve posted another video of Nick Vujicic before, but I couldn’t resist posting this one as well.  Sorry if you’ve already seen it floating around blogosphere.

Between reading The Martyr of the Catacombs daily with my children and various other influences in my life right now, I need to be flooded with accurate perspective in the Christian life.  I pray for all of us, as we daily serve our Lord, to remember that a servant is “greatest among them”.  That we are not here to receive the accolades of men or to have our worth measured by what our humanistic culture uses to measure it.  That even breathing is a gift of life and we would do well to exhale a thankful prayer to Him who gives it instead of nurturing our list of complaints.

(Grab a tissue.  There is one line–can you guess it?–that sent me into a blubbering sob which my children found quite amusing.)


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  1. Michelle B says:

    Let me guess- was the line where he said he might not be able to hold his wife’s hand, but he could hold her heart? That just about made me bawl. Kinda makes my everyday troubles seem insignificant.

  2. Word Warrior says:


    Bingo–holy ravioli.

  3. Charity says:

    Well Kelly, you can rest assured that you weren’t the only one who was a blubbering mess when he got to that line. I needed that today.

  4. Michelle B says:

    This post is actually really relevant for me today because I just found out yesterday that I’m probably going to need surgery for some medical issues again, and there’s a definite possibility that I may never be able to have more children. I’ve been feeling really depressed since then, but this just reminds me to be grateful for the one miracle baby that I do have, my ds who is now 15 months old.

  5. Heather says:

    Would you believe I just finished posting a commentary quote concerning 1 Peter 4’s discussion of the purpose of Christian “fiery trial”?

    I love the focus on thankfulness, patience and perseverance. I so need to remember that I’ve been blessed in so many ways and have no right to complain when things aren’t going “my” way.

    Do you know whether this man a believer? He spoke of “principles” he had discovered and I kept waiting for a reference to a hope that goes beyond this life…

  6. Word Warrior says:


    Funny you should ask about his faith…I refrained from opening a can of worms which pointed out that in the apparent schools where he spoke in this video he mentions nothing of his faith which he is usually very vocal about. (

    My first inclination is to assume he is gagged, if he is indeed in a secular school system. If that’s true, how unfortunate that he can’t really offer any hope at all, beyond maybe an emotional, self-realization “pep rally”. He can’t tell them that the way he finds joy and peace is through the freedom in Christ.

    Giving it the benefit of the doubt though, this video is a trailer for the DVD he is selling (I think). Perhaps part of the “lure”, hoping non-believers will watch it, is to avoid revealing his faith until the actual DVD. I’m curious too though…

    Thank you for posting about the trials of the Christian life. We need those lessons daily.

  7. Word Warrior says:


    I am praying for you, your body, your peace and the Lord’s will to be done.

  8. Mrs. Santos says:


    We LOVE Nick Vujicic. In one of his videos (in fact I may just post it now) He says “Hope is not in comparing your suffering to my suffering but comparing it to the immeasurable grace of God.” What a testimony. Thanks for bringing him up again. God is so good.

  9. Margaret says:

    Wow. That was beautiful.

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a bunch of teenagers in an assembly openly crying.

  10. I think it was, “I may not be able to hold her hand, but I’ll be able to hold her heart.”

    I started bawling at “All of you girls are beautiful.”

  11. Lucy T says:

    I started bawling at “It’s a lie to think your not good enough.It’s a lie to think your not worthy.”

  12. Heather says:

    Thanks for the link, Kelly. What a great testimony!

  13. Angela Cribb says:

    What a beautiful testimony to God’s grace.

  14. Kim M says:

    Thank you for sharing…. wow.. that was so sweet.

  15. Lena says:

    Wow!! I never seen Nick before… what an amazing testimony. Thanks for posting about him, a lot of us need to remind us that having legs and arms is all we need to praise Jesus..:)

  16. Jennifer says:

    Gosh, and I thought this vid was about a husband going off to war! (Because of the pic on the video before it starts playing). I’m thanking God right now that I have hands to type this!!

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