Ask Yourself This Question if Your Children Don’t Obey

I never thought I’d live to see a day where professing Christians scoff at the idea of parental authority and what has been traditionally accepted parenting methods for centuries.  But as many reject authority themselves, it’s only natural that they would transmit that to their parenting.

Kevin Swanson gave a super-charged and brilliant lesson on child-training last week in Texas.  The thrust of his message was, “If your children don’t obey you it’s because they don’t fear the Lord”. And he went on to ask the obvious question:  “Could it be that if my children don’t fear the Lord it’s because I don’t fear the Lord?”

Be the Police Officer

To make the point, he described how silly it would be for a police officer to pull you over for speeding and give you a high-pitched tongue-lashing:


We all know that he walks over as cool as a cucumber and says, “You know you were doing 75 in a 55…”

And yet our hands are trembling and we can barely answer.  Why?

Not because we fear the police office, but because we know he has the power of the state behind him to enforce the deserved consequences of our actions.

Furthermore, we know he is only doing his job because ultimately he cares for our safety and the safety of the other drivers.  It is his job to implement correction that will lengthen our lives and protect us from harm.

The state established the laws of safety, then they gave the officer authority to enforce them for the good of the citizens.

Fear Doesn’t Diminish His Love

The fear of the Lord has been so misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Acknowledging our need for the fear of the Lord does not diminish the love of our Heavenly Father.  Scripture cannot contradict itself.  This very disclaimer is necessary because so many Christians have bought a version of Christianity that is fake.

Without the fear of the Lord there is no wisdom, there is no safety, there is no purity, there is no life.  Rejecting the fear of the Lord is foolishness and destruction.

So as we lovingly teach our children of the Lord and His mercy, let us not neglect this life-giving principle lest we destroy them too.

Then, when we walk in to find little brother duct-taped to the wall, let us remain cool…“Son, although ‘no-duct-taping brothers to walls’ is not a specific rule…”

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