The Struggle to Come Out From the World

I receive Ryle quotes in my inbox (you can subscribe HERE too!)  I love the way often it is just the word I need for the day….

“To come out from the world is not an easy thing. It cannot be easy so long as human nature is what it is, and a busy devil is always near us. It requires a constant struggle and exertion; it entails incessant conflict and self-denial; it often places us in exact opposition to members of our own families, friends and neighbors; it sometimes obliges us to do things which give great offence, and bring on us ridicule and petty persecution. It is precisely this which makes many hang back and shrink from decided religion. They know they are not right; they know that they are not so “thorough” in Christ’s service as they ought to be, and they feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. But the fear of man keeps them back. And so they linger on through life with aching, dissatisfied hearts, – with too much religion to be happy in the world, and too much of the world to be happy in their religion. If the truth were known, I fear this is a very common case.”

~ J.C. Ryle


7 Responses to “The Struggle to Come Out From the World”

  1. Lady Rose says:


    This is a great quote, and painfully true as well. I think you might push a few “ouch buttons” with this quote today. 🙂


    -Lady Rose

  2. Jo says:

    I subscribe via FB, but didn’t read this quote to the end. The 2nd last sentence is sooo true!

  3. Charity says:

    This was for me today. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Emily says:

    I just learned of JC Ryle and most recently the “quote” site. This one specifically “hit hard”! Good stuff!! I think I need to get one of his books. 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    How true. Thanks for posting this today!

  6. Wow, that was really good (if a little painfully honest). I’m signing up for the quotes in my email too. Thanks for sharing!

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