One More Day of Clearance Sales: Family Vision Films

Be sure to visit our friends at Family Vision Films and catch one more day of their clearance sale! Add some quality, family-building films to your library.  Here are two of their featured films:

Flywheel–sale: 11.95 This is one of the first (or maybe THE first) films from Sherwood Films (producers of Fireproof and Courageous) and we actually loved this movie as much as the better-known ones! Great story line!

Homesteading for Beginners (3 vol)–sale: 44.95 There is no better time to prepare for self-sufficiency than now, in our uncertain, economic times. Lots of fun, family projects could spin out of this!

motherhood cover
When Motherhood Feels Too Hard

"I went from 'I want to give up' to 'I am a warrior-mother, called by God for this incredible mission!' Get this book." -Trish M.

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