What’s A Girl to Do? Life After High School

In the machine we’ve created, it is assumed that a high school graduate will, no, must go to college, get a good job so he/she can get a good house and live a good life. To some people, there simply isn’t another option, which is sad, at best.

I could write a book on the many facets of this subject, on all the alternatives to college as higher education and what is a “good” life, but this isn’t a book ;-) Nor is it a debate about college, girls, etc.

We have a graduating daughter this year. As she battles the barrage of questions that can be uncomfortably assuming, she is searching out and finding (praise God!) answers to that daunting question, “What will you do now?”

Answers to that question are no doubt different for different people, but it is so freeing to see the world as a landscape of opportunity for the glory of God.

We keep pressing our children to go back to the original, most important question for life: “What is our purpose here?”

And in answering that, we can more clearly make life-decisions that will help us fulfill our purposes.

I’ve been asked, a number of times, to explain specifically what Bria will be doing after graduation, because the question looms frightening beside society’s expectations.

Please know I share with humility, from a sincere desire to help so many who have asked.

So, while her landscape will no doubt be constantly changing, there is a framework that has helped her make decisions at this point in her life.

It is a given that she will continue her education. Much to the chagrin of “educational status quo”, learning is a life-long process, and the world is a bigger classroom than a college campus. So I hope no one worries. Oh, and we have lots of books ;-) and college classes at our fingertips. Please do some reading, if you disagree, and learn that college is just one, tiny option for higher learning and just one among a thousand equally (or better) suitable paths to a “good life”.

She wants to serve. No, she knows the Lord asks her to serve and so He has put it in her heart to do so. “Look not only on your own needs, but also on the needs of others.”

It is, I think, our most basic purpose. The last act of our Lord. The one He left with us to “do to one another”. Isn’t that what the story of the talents was about? That God has given us “this much” for “this time”; will we invest ourselves, our time, energy and gifts, into the people around us? Isn’t that the only way to keep living?

So she will serve here first, in many ways, and specifically teaching history to her younger siblings. A “serving” she will thoroughly enjoy.

She wants to be available. Being available for other needs is half of the duty of a Christian, isn’t it? For how can we serve if we are always too busy? The Lord has placed another family in our path she will be assisting one day a week, and she is truly thrilled to be able to reach out to them with her gifts.

She will be teaching (for pay) a friend’s daughters to sew. She will continue her piano lessons and possibly teach a younger brother piano. She will dabble with different home-business ideas, including a current job offer for ebook editing and design she is praying about.

She may volunteer for a crisis pregnancy center. She may volunteer to drive an elderly lady to the grocery store. She will read. She will create things. She will enjoy life and whatever opportunities the Lord gives her.

But her favorite thing? Being in the dirt, working on the farm, working in the garden, helping us regain some of our self-sufficiency since the storm.

What will she not be doing? Wondering “what to do” with life bursting with so many choices she can’t do them all.

It’s just a small snapshot of a short moment in time in one girl’s life. Let’s do what He gives us!


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