Christmas Confessions: Should we Lie to our Kids about Santa Claus?

Do you question things? Ask yourself why you believe a certain way or not? I think it’s good that we do that.

When I read a church sign that said, “Get Your Picture Made with Santa Claus”, I immediately pictured what could have been the church’s sign a week before: “Thou shalt not lie”. Santa is a firmly-planted icon in the American life, including most Christians. Does it matter?

I started a process of thinking about how our children might be affected by having a 10-year long joke played on them. “It’s all in harmless fun!” We dismiss it. But how does it affect their perceived verity of the rest of the hard-to-believe stories of the Gospel that we tell them, on which their eternity hangs? Can they discern that “part of what I’ve told you all these years is not true, but part of it is”?

Maybe it doesn’t matter. But isn’t the question important enough to ponder?

Then I read, Christmas Confessions: Should We Lie to Our Kids About Santa Claus, and it so concisely summarized my thoughts I just had to link to it.

I realize there are many who do not celebrate Christmas at all (I have very close friends in this camp that I respect for their decision). That’s not where I am. But I wonder if we give enough thought to our tightly-held traditions?

Read the article…you’ll be glad. And then let me know your thoughts.

“A parody of a possible consequence is epitomized by that poor, traumatized kid who laments melodically, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” I doubt therapy was needed for the child to overcome his confusion. But there does exist a subtle long-term danger, namely that of placing impossible fiction on the same shelf as impossible fact, and forcing our children to discern arbitrarily which is which, based on our flip-flopping propositions.”

Thank you, Clint, for a concise word to ponder.

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