Marriage Tip: Gratitude Will Change Your Husband

Join me today at Visionary Womanhood to discuss how gratitude will change your husband!

“Most men are not really complicated–we are. But I know I take my husband’s uncomplicated nature for granted. And too often, I default to trying to improve him in one area or another, instead of seeing and building his enormous strengths in so many other places. (Why do we major on the minors, anyway?)

The most ambitious of us know that gratitude can make or break a marriage. And still, we falter in the daily grind of it all, forgetting to expend the energy in our most important human relationship.” Read more..


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2 Responses to “Marriage Tip: Gratitude Will Change Your Husband”

  1. 6 arrows says:

    This one really hit home this morning. I’ll spare you most of the details, but I certainly needed to read it.

    This: “…all the while he is leading and teaching by his quiet example and his faithful, daily walk…” I am forever missing the opportunity to thank my husband for that very thing, instead of wishing (secretly or openly) that he would lead us in Bible reading/devotions, etc, more often. I grew up with that example, but he didn’t, although his was a churchgoing family like mine. I know from my own life right now how difficult it is to establish new habits that were not formed or reinforced in childhood, but I don’t extend to my husband the same grace I expect him to show me when it comes to being diligent in areas I never developed. I don’t know why that’s so hard, to just apply the Golden Rule, and treat him as I want to be treated!

    I’ll have to try writing the list you speak of, Kelly, though it will be painful for me to contemplate how I’ve (not) expressed my gratitude in those areas I record. Very challenging and convicting, but much needed in my case! Thank you.

    P.S. Kelly, totally unrelated, but the link when I clicked on Read more.. is broken. I get a 404 on that one. (The links in the first sentence work, though.) :-)

  2. Wow! I have so been there! I’m certainly not perfect today, but by His grace, I’ve changed so much and am so thankful for His working in my life! How easy it is for us to ignore the good our husbands *are* doing and focus and the areas where WE think they need work. All the while ignoring that beam in our own eye!
    Thanks Kelly, I shared it, and plan to share again tomorrow!

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