The True Meaning of Home Lies in Our True Identity! (Part 2)

In the introduction to this series about “the hope for society lying in the real meaning of home”, a commenter “clarified” that Jesus is the Hope for society.

Yes! And the two, actually, are not exclusive. Listening to a sermon today brought a profound epiphany that perfectly explains:

What Jesus did for us was offer us the chance to become new creatures. THE MOST IMPORTANT part of that, as it relates to the way we live, is that our identity is found in Him.

Wait before you just casually pass that by…it’s packed with more meaning than you might realize.

In Genesis, God declared man’s identity: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. This is huge! Our purpose for living is to mirror His glory in all we do. Even those who aren’t His reflect His attributes at times.

But for the believer, we must know that our purpose is to fulfill the mission of reflecting our Creator in every part of life. This is why we were created.

“Our identity determines our life course.” (Mark Driscoll)

So, as that relates to the purpose of this series, our lives, our homes, reflect whether we understand who we are in Christ.

We are living in a culture where, even those who claim Christ, have traded their true identity for trying to find it in the worship of idols. Idols of consumerism, idols of self-worth, of people, of recreation–looking to achieve their identity rather than understanding they have already received it.

This is what has propelled every rebellion under the sun. A refusal to accept the design of our Creator, to obey Him, to fulfill His purposes for us, to find our worth in our created place. It started in the garden, with a desire to “be something more” than they already were. They were blessed. And it wasn’t enough.

So how do we reflect God’s image in our homes, families, marriages? What does it look like to mirror His likeness in all we do?

  • Begin with truly renewing your mind with your true identity. Let go of the fear of man, the drive to become something outside of who you already are, the need to “be better” or “measure up”. You are complete, whole and ready to be equipped “for every good work”. Fighting against your identity in Christ will only bring misery.
  • As a wife, a mom and a woman, study the Scriptures and find out how your life is to reflect the Creator. This manifests itself in a million ways from your gift of art, to your role in your home. to your dress, your speech and your responsibilities.
  • Understand that the primary picture of Christ and His church is embedded in your marriage. Which is where “home” begins. Begin to pour yourself into becoming “Christ to the world” through your marriage. What are some characteristics of Christ and His church? Love, submission, worship, communion (fellowship) unity, fruitfulness, forgiveness, respect, sacrifice.
  • Begin to see your home as the grounds for growing this picture of the GOSPEL. The soil must be fertile for spiritual growth, the atmosphere must be healthy for emotional growth, the conversations must flourish for fellowship and mental growth, and every effort must be made for unity, discipleship and fruitfulness.

These are primarily spiritual aspects but it must begin there. (We’ll begin to talk about practical implications in the next post.) Right thinking about who we are, what our purpose is and how that affects our lives and homes is crucial.

We live in a culture with mostly wrong thinking. Renewing is in order and a set of blinders, with a face like flint, set to the Son will aid our mission.

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