New Wave of Feminist Giving up Careers to Stay Home

“because they want to“, the rest of the title reads.

This article fascinated me simply because the conversation contained the same conventional points anti-feminists have been making for years (and getting scolded for) but yet they were made as if it were newly discovered information. And somehow, because these are self-acclaimed feminists who are choosing to leave a career, their decision seems to be more validated by the public.

This, of one woman who left her career as a financial adviser and “has no plans of returning”:

“Rather than a sacrifice, she feels it is a privilege to oversee ‘not just what they do, but what they believe, how they talk to other children, what kind of story we read together. That’s all dictated by me. Not by my nanny or my babysitter.'”

Even Anne-Marie Slaughter, still pushing for work-place programs so women “can have it all”, admits:

“…this new breed of women could be on to something. ‘Are there characteristics inherent in sex differences that make women more nurturing and men more assertive?’ she asks in Lean In. ‘Quite possibly.'”

I am greatly encouraged, whatever way it comes, that the obvious, natural pull to nurture one’s children is returning, even among the feminist-minded. God be praised and may the peace that these women speak of confirm their conclusion that home is worth their all.

“Family is what is important in life – not pushing papers at some crap job.”

Well, that’s one way to say it.

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