The Pursuit of Motherhood: New Book, 1/2 Price–4 Days Only!

I’m so excited to announce that another stellar team of authors has collaborated on an ebook project I like to think of as

“The Motherhood Guidebook.”

Whether you are a new mother with lots of questions desiring to be guided and mentored along the way, or a seasons mom who needs a huge dose of encouragement and reminders, you’ll find The Pursuit of Motherhood FULL of help.

Table of Contents & Authors

The Wise Mother , June Fuentes
The Praying Mother, Jasmine Cucuta
Mothering Through the Little Years, Heather Knopp
The Working Mom, Melanie Moore
The Healthy Mom, Mary Clendenin
The Work at Home Mom , Mary Clendenin
Infertility, Part I: Primary and Secondary Infertility, Mary Clendenin
Infertility, Part II: The Empty Womb and Adoption,  Jennifer Allen
The Modest Mom, Caroline Allen
Breastfeeding and Child Attachment, Caroline Allen
The Weary Mom, Part I, Caroline Allen
The Weary Mom, Part II, Richele McFarlin
The Homeschooling Mother  Amy Roberts
Mothering a Child with Special Needs, Sara Elizabeth Dunn
Raising Real Men, Melanie Young
Raising Homemakers, Kelly Crawford
Be Fruitful and Multiply, Jacinda Vandenberg
Biblical Motherhood, Lindsey Stomberg
Leaving a Legacy, Jacqueline Fitzgerald

Regular price: $7.99

4 days only: $3.99

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5 Responses to “The Pursuit of Motherhood: New Book, 1/2 Price–4 Days Only!”

  1. shannon says:

    Will this be released as paperback or hardback book any time later? Thanks!

  2. Sheila Mom to Seven says:

    I’m with Shannon. ?

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