What Binds Families Together

You know what’s bigger than what we think are big things? Bigger than the things we put intentional thought into? It’s actually the smaller things. The things we don’t think so much about. It’s the rhythm of life; the ebb and flow of rituals and routines, the daily scenes of work and play that bind families together.

Thanksgiving is a great time of feasting, fellowship and reflection. But it’s the everydays they’ll remember. Combing hair, smiling while we brushed little teeth, sitting on the porch talking about clouds, being silly just because, cutting bell pepper together and listening–a thousand acts that build our family history. A thousand things that speak, non verbally, of our gratitude for life and what God has put in it.

We don’t have to do ever daily task deliberately; but we need to deliberately do our daily tasks.

Seeing the Everyday captures the essence of family building through embracing the ordinary, so beautifully.

(By the way, I can’t think of a better gift idea if you’re looking, than a Seeing the Everyday Subscription. And I don’t get anything for saying that. ;-) )

Here’s a glimpse:

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  1. Cheryl says:

    The Power of Everyday Rituals…the reason I am posting here is because today I was praying and trying to come into an awareness of various rituals or habits that I should do daily, weekly, monthly. One item on the list was to visit a Catholic blog and this is the one I came today. It seems timely, because it talks of the power of daily rituals, and it is the things we do over, and over, daily, that build our greater character and life and influence.

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