Free Ebook– Deceived: Little Lies the World Tells to Keep Christian Families From Growing

Cindy Dyer is a friend and fellow-blogger whom I admire, trust and applaud for her consistent, clear voice in topics of controversy. When she told me she was writing a book to discuss how she believes the subject of children is and should be handled among Christians, I was so very excited.

First, I knew she would handle it well and thoughtfully, and biblically.

Secondly, it’s a much-needed word. I’ve long held the belief that the Church universal will suffer from impotence as long as it has a view of children inconsistent with that in Scripture. Pun very much intended.

Here’s the best part…Cindy’s book is absolutely FREE!

Read it and especially share it!

Here’s an excerpt:

“No number of children can either save you or condemn you. On the Last Day, when we stand before God, His question will not be “How many sons did you have?” but “What did you think of my Son?”

Naturally though, what we think of His Son, if we are in earnest in pursuing Him, will affect our earthly behaviors. Procreation is one area in which I see most of Christendom not thinking at all–not because they don’t care or because they harbor some sin in their hearts, but because the subject of faith and fertility has been removed from the bounds of polite discussion. Even worse, they’ve been removed as topics in the pulpit. Christians are, consequently, missing out on the most joyful blessing—and yes, the toughest responsibility—with which God has charged the human race: that of raising Godly offspring.”

And another:

“…our pastors and teachers don’t seem to me to be terribly frightened of confronting such egregious sexual sin as homosexual behavior, shacking up, fornication, or pornography….This is all well and good, and I’m glad to see it still happening even in this degenerate age. But this kind of teaching doesn’t go far enough. In fact, the social and political activism seems to me to be at its heart an attempt to clean up the mess we made ourselves. By refusing to loudly affirm the blessings of the family, including the eleventeenth child to be added to it, we’ve been giving the world’s attitude toward procreation a fig leaf of doctrinal respectability.”

Deceived is such a thoughtful and important discussion and I’m thankful to Cindy for it. Read it HERE.




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3 Responses to “Free Ebook– Deceived: Little Lies the World Tells to Keep Christian Families From Growing”

  1. Cindy says:

    Aw, Kelly, thanks for sharing, and for the kind words. 🙂

  2. Claudia says:

    Loved these quotes, Kelly and Cindy! This is such a challenging topic to bring up among Christians, and really, that makes me sad. We are called to be different, peculiar people. And yet for some reason, this is one area that pastors and teachers/leaders seem to be so conformed to the world. Because I seem to naturally turn away from confrontation, I am praying for opportunities to ask hard questions in a spirit of love. Thanks for sharing this resource!

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