5 Lessons I Learned from My 2 Year Old

  1. I don’t remember what you did to make me mad 1o minutes ago. Can we be friends again?
  2. What is my shoe size? It depends on how much I like the shoes.
  3. STOP EVERYTHING!!  There’s a caterpillar.
  4. I didn’t notice you don’t have make up on and you haven’t had a shower and you’re hair looks bad. I still think you’re wonderful.
  5. It’s just peanut butter. And peanut butter is small in the big scheme of things. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


7 Responses to “5 Lessons I Learned from My 2 Year Old”

  1. Michelle says:

    Love this! We have a lot we can learn from our two year olds. He is precious. 🙂

  2. Mrs L says:

    He is lovely!!

    I am really enjoying my own two-year-old this time around. I sweated the small stuff with the first two 🙂

  3. Kelly L says:


  4. Daphne B says:

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I think this is going to become my new motto. I’m terrible in this area!

    P.S. Your two-year-old is very handsome.

  5. Erin says:

    Like a previous poster said, I don’t sweat the small stuff with my younger children. Your picture reminds me of the time I found my 2 & 3 year old skating in the dozen eggs & carton of cream they had emptied on the kitchen floor. I can laugh about it now!

  6. Mrs. B says:

    Profoundly precious! Such sweet times! What a blessing to be able to enjoy them!

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