Equipping the Next Generation of Home Builders

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When I was in my young adult years, I was practicing and preparing for anything besides how to manage a home and be a mother who raises the next generation and a wife who stands with her husband and advances the gospel through the picture of marriage.

Boy how I wish I had had the incredible resources available to Christian women today! When this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle came up, a friend of mine said she was going to use it as an E-course for her girls. BRILLIANT! For a few bucks (compared to any other type of educational or training resources) you can get a library FULL of all things homemaking.

Browse these few bookshelves below, and remember, this is only a handful of the books in the bundle!

Also, there are $200 worth of free gifts waiting for you with your purchase!

Buy your bundle now! (Only 4 days left)


One Response to “Equipping the Next Generation of Home Builders”

  1. gina Davis says:

    What a great idea to make this an e-course! With smaller families these days, we, as mothers, have very little opportunity to see first hand what’s it’s like to raise a baby. I know so much more now that I have 3 children, than if I’d stopped at our first. I was clueless! I don’t want our children to be that way. Thank you for the excellent idea.

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