Homemaking 101 & Unmarried: The Films. On Sale.

Do you need a “back-to-basics” homemaking crash course? Or maybe you just need a reminder to inspire you out of the lull of drudgery. Either way, I think you’ll love the Homemaking 101 DVD from my friend, Jennifer, at Family Vision Films. It is on sale right now for $11.95 just until Sunday! Get your discount with code “101sale”. So jump on over and grab it!



And while you’re there, the much-anticipated documentary, Unmarried: The Rise of Singleness is here! And it’s on sale too now for just $13.





Watch the trailer:




2 Responses to “Homemaking 101 & Unmarried: The Films. On Sale.”

  1. Hayley Ferguson says:

    Thanks Kelly. I just ordered them both (ok and a couple others as well ;-D) Looking forward to them arriving from your neck of the woods (ok compared to Australia anyhow ;-D) Have a lovely day. Hayley xx

  2. Jennifer says:

    “Homemaking” looks great, and reminds me to look forward to the great book about wives and mothers that you contributed to, Kelly. I was curious about “Unmarried”, but oh dear, Swanson and Wilson; not two of my favorite biased people.

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