My New, Favorite, Christian History Curriculum (Relaxed Homeschooling)

I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a homeschooling gold mine.

As a relaxed homeschooler with a particular concern about teaching accurate history from a Christian perspective, I labored over how to teach my children history for a long time. We had tried reading some popular history books but frankly, they bored my children (and me). (Disclaimer: we have loved many of the Cornerstones of Freedom books–I highly recommend them for their short, interesting stories of history.)

I was not an interested history student. I made good grades, but I can tell you very little about anything I was “taught” in school about history.

And then, Compass Classroom crossed my path.

Basically it’s a video course with a live teacher (the lessons are streamed) and they are short but meaty. We are doing American History this year, and this is the description of the course:

“History is best understood through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom. Veteran history teacher Dave Raymond gives a comprehensive history of the United States by applying a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. It is an engaging class for Middle School and High School students.”

American History is a one-year class that consists of:

  • 26 lessons (5 videos per lesson, 10-15 minutes each)
  • 4 projects
  • Student Reader, 400p (PDF)
  • Teacher’s Guide with Scope & Sequence (PDF)
  • Weekly Exams
  • Year-long Portfolio.

I love the portfolio, which is basically a scrap book to reinforce their learning, if your children are into that sort of thing. If you have a hands-on learner, they will especially enjoy this part.

I love it because it is

  • Simple and short.
  • Easy to implement (student-led)
  • Accurate
  • Taught by someone passionate about the subject
  • Visual with a hands-on project
  • Affordable

I asked my 14 year old what she thought of the course and this is what she said:

“I love it. I don’t even like history, but I’m enjoying this series because he makes it interesting and I’m learning.”

Translation to me: SUCCESS.

In full disclosure, I became an affiliate seller of Compass Classroom, simply because if you really like something, you feel confident about recommending it to other people. And I do love this curriculum (they have other subjects as well) and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a solid, Christian history curriculum taught in story form. It was exactly the answer to what I was looking for.

One class is $89. If you operate on a 9-month school year, that’s $9 per month. So worth it.

Click HERE to learn more.

Here are a few more testimonials from other moms using it:


My kids learn well from teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Dave Raymond is passionate about American History. Better yet, Dave Raymond is a good storyteller. Isn’t that what history is? Story telling? Names and dates bah! I want to know about the people, not just the battles. How did they think? Why did they do things? History comes alive in this video curriculum.


I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this American History curriculum! I have been telling everyone I know about it. Our family has been searching for something that doesn’t just teach the WHAT, but the WHY and the HOW. History doesn’t need to just be a bunch of useless facts (ones we hardly remember as we grow older and are inundated with other useless facts); instead should be exploring the reasons WHY men did what they did…and HOW we can learn from their mistakes. I love that this is both worldview and history in one curriculum. Thank you so much for following the Lord’s leading in creating this curriculum! Now, I want to know when World History will be released?? 😉

Cathy Duffy

In my opinion, this course offers an excellent balance of interesting DVD lectures, serious reading, and challenging writing coupled with worthwhile portfolio and project work, all presented from within a Christian worldview.

You can also check out their FREE RESOURCES.


6 Responses to “My New, Favorite, Christian History Curriculum (Relaxed Homeschooling)”

  1. Janine says:

    Glad you liked it so well. Lol

  2. Emily says:

    Hey Kelly. It says 13+. Do you think that is accurate? My oldest is 10 and I would be using it for her and my 8 year old (without the tests). Emily

  3. Darcy Griffin says:

    I need a good World History for my 2 high school age boys for next year. I really like Compass but it looks like it’s only American history and a little bit of world history as it relates to American history. Help!

  4. Kim says:

    Do you have a post that shows your homeschool routine and curriculum?

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