What I’m Telling My Girls About the Women’s March

The women’s march that took place the day after the presidential inauguration leaves me with a deep sense of anguish, not hope, for the women in this country. As a Christian woman who is also a human being, who obviously shares the same ideals of feminism as far as it includes women being treated with equal value and worth, I grieve for the anger and vitriol that lies within the hearts of women in our country. But more than that, I grieve for the children who will bear the brunt of that anger in the name of choice and freedom.

No, these women don’t represent me and many other women I know. In the name of “demanding rights and respect, value and dignity” the same women demonstrate anything but those qualities and expect to be taken seriously. The same women who claim to not be able to afford birth control and demand to have all their health care for free, litter the ground with pads and tweet their “can’t afford it” messages on an I-phone 7.

In my opinion, this is going backwards. It’s an embarrassment to women and if they were actually treated the way they are acting, it would be far worse than history has seen in a while.

So what I’m telling my girls is:

  • Fight injustice with dignity and compassion, but make sure it’s actually an injustice. As in, fight for the millions of women (and men) who will die this year at the hands of the merciless who fight for their deaths. Fight for true equality for all humans, and do it with integrity and poise.
  • It is not a free country when a living, breathing person can be legally ripped out of its mother. Rights to her body end when those rights violate the rights of another human. Be women who follow Jesus’s example of putting others interests before your own. Nothing is so ugly as demanding even death of another human to rid yourself of an inconvenience.
  • Behave according to your intrinsic value and you’ll be taken seriously and respected.
  • Don’t idolize immoral musicians and celebrities and authors who spew vulgarity for a living and then throw a tantrum when a crude man takes political office. That is terribly inconsistent.
  • Jesus Christ was the true liberator of women and following Him will bring you all the freedom and rights and value you ever dreamed of.

Read more great thoughts from the article my internet friend, Jenny Rapson, editor at ForEveryMom.com wrote.


8 Responses to “What I’m Telling My Girls About the Women’s March”

  1. Jenny Rapson says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Kelly. Loved your article as well. <3

  2. Jennifer Corry says:

    Just wonderfully said, Kelly. It’s unfathomable to me how such people can see themselves as victims. Some signs were actually nice, and a few women I know were in the march or supporting it, but it was greatly overpowered by profanity, profaneness and nonsensical entitled tantrums.

  3. Jennifer Corry says:

    And God help us, those hats and some of their disgusting words. Not to mention their lack of grip on basic logic; one of their signs said “We will crush you with empathy”..

  4. 6 arrows says:

    Good thoughts in both yours and Jenny’s article, Kelly. Thanks for linking, and for sharing your strategies for talking about the subject with your girls.

    A conservative Christian friend of mine, living among lots of secular liberal friends and relatives in Sonoma County, CA, many of whom participated in area marches over the weekend (she, of course, did not), passed along more good thoughts today on the subject.

    She said that someone in her Bible study commented, “what can it be like to not believe God is in control? You turn to politics, then, and invest all your hopes and dreams there. You can’t help but be depressed, outraged and discouraged when things don’t go the way you think they should.”

    In her own words, my friend then shared her thoughts: “I think it’s important, for the good of our soul and theirs, that we keep that comment in mind when evaluating the political world.

    “At least it is for me– they are not the enemy. We have good news.”

    Indeed. And how blessed it is to know the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Whom we find our only hope. May God use these events to bring more people to the Light of our Savior.

  5. Jenn in Indiana says:

    I was just discussing this with my husband the other day. These “marchers” disgust me. If you want to make real change in the world, do something really noble and needed. Like go home and take care of your children, you know make them a proper dinner or play a board game with them. Go on a date with your husband or visit an elderly relative. Or volunteer to read with a child at an after-school program. Just please stop wasting your time doing this. I can’t imagine what our Lord must think of all this. He is probably shedding 10,000 tears. I thought to myself that this didn’t really affect me, but then my daughter was telling me about a close friend of hers that her grandma was marching in a town 30 minutes from us. I couldn’t believe it, this family is not what I thought I guess.

  6. MelissaB says:

    “Nothing is so ugly as demanding even death of another human to rid yourself of an inconvenience.” – i’m sharing this quote. Well said.

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