Hurricane Relief For Our Friend & His Missing Family

UPDATE: Josh located his family today, 5 days after the storm. I don’t know many details, but the relief crew is still going with supplies to assist families in the area.

With the tremendous damage left int he wake of the Houston flood and now Irma, opportunities abound to extend love and practical help to so many who need it. In fact, there can be so many opportunities, you don’t know which one to take.

If you have desired to help in some way but don’t know which way to give, I wanted to offer you a simple, tangible opportunity which involves a close friend of ours.


My husband partners with a young man, Josh,–also a great friend of ours who married a great friend of ours–in their construction company, whose father, brother and step-mom lived in a boat in the Keys. Unable to leave for the storm, their area, the best we can tell, is completely submerged under water and Josh hasn’t heard any word from his family. Several men from Josh’s church are planning to drive into the area next week and look for his family as well as offer as much assistance to others they encounter there who need it. They are asking for help to gather supplies for their trip.


They are collecting tarps, fuel, water and non-perishables. All the info is below if you feel led to help with this effort. As you might imagine, it is with the greatest stress and anxiety that Josh anticipates the trip, waiting hopefully for any news. Josh’s wife is also due ANY DAY with a baby, so that is another matter of concern and prayer as he prepares to leave. If you can’t help monetarily, please pray for this family and for God’s peace and guidance to assist them every step.





3 Responses to “Hurricane Relief For Our Friend & His Missing Family”

  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    This is so sad. So much disaster in so many areas. My cousin and his wife have a winter home in Naples. They are on their way back now to see how it is. They left in the middle of the night and are just now in Tampa. She said traffic was almost as bad as when they evacuated. They do not know want to expect when they get there.

    GOD BLESS all the ones affected from floods, fire, or whatever they re facing.

  2. Barbara says:

    I don’t know Josh, but PRAISE THE LORD for answered prayer in finding his family!!!

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