Best Motherhood Book Ever is FREE on Kindle Unlimited Right Now!

Well, I’ve been told it’s one of the best motherhood books and since I still read this daily devotional myself to lift me out of the trenches and completely renew my parenting perspective, I agree it’s powerful and so very needed, even if I did write it.


I have reformatted When Motherhood Feels Too Hard for easier reading (and updated the cover!) and to reintroduce it to Amazon Kindle, it’s FREE right now (on Kindle Unlimited) for a limited time.


I really want every mother I can reach to have an opportunity to read it. In the big picture, our parenting perspective changes the way we do life, and has a tremendous impact on many generations coming. That’s a pretty big deal.


So go HERE and grab it or if you’ve already read it, consider sharing this news with someone you think would be encouraged.


Also, if you read it (or already have) please take a second and leave a review–I’d be so grateful!


How has this devotional helped you specifically? I would so love to hear!


7 Responses to “Best Motherhood Book Ever is FREE on Kindle Unlimited Right Now!”

  1. AK says:

    It’s not showing as free for me.

    • Are you sure you clicked on the book in the blog post, not the one underneath the post (which is the motherhood mission)? Because what you should see on Amazon is the Kindle Unlimite box out besides it. Of course you do have to have “unlimited” to get it free. (And I think you can enroll in that for a free trial period.)

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Just letting you know I got this twice again. The first one was from Go Daddy but this one says Word Press. I tried to send you this info last week but when I did it came back as a failed delivery. Hopefully this will get you the info.


  3. Cindy says:

    I still highly recommend that book to my young mommy friends! :0)

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