The Best Thing…

What if the best thing I can do for my children, is not

another lecture…

another frown…

another privilege removed…

another forced apology…

What if the best thing I can do for my children is to call them away with a love-sick heart that wants nothing more than to “see that my children walk in truth”, and beckon them to kneel with me before the presence of a holy God…to bathe in His grace and know He gives power through it–through their struggles and mine, through their temptations and weakness and hard places–so that we can walk in newness of life.

Why do we leave the power of God’s promises untapped?

Yes.  Let me do that for them.  Show them their need for forgiveness so that they can forgive.  Let me do that for them again and again.


13 Responses to “The Best Thing…”

  1. Narelle says:

    Maybe that’s what we need in our home right now…
    *slaps self on forehead*
    ah well, better now than never

    Thank You Kelly

  2. Kate says:

    Another EXCELLENT post! I would love to see more details on “walking this out.”

  3. Lucy T says:

    BRILLIANT,how blind am I that I could not see this need.THANK YOU KELLY!!This is why I read here daily.

  4. Kelly L says:

    Piercing and wonderful. To create one who does what is honoring to the Lord JUST to honor Him, and not to stay out of trouble…what a wonderful life that would be!

  5. wordwarrior says:

    Lucy T.,

    And because these posts are in large just a tapping out of what the Lord whispers to my heart, it is why I write here daily.

  6. EmSue says:

    Ouch. There’s something to work on. I’m definitely better at those first four.

  7. Joanna says:

    That was so beautifully written, Kelly!

  8. Linda says:

    Bless you so much, for following His leading and posting these words.
    I REALLY needed that.

  9. […] here’s the really good part…this happened on the same day I posted about teaching our children forgiveness. God does love a good, “let’s see what ya got?” doesn’t […]

  10. Perfectly written, Kelly. If I have spent time with my family at the foot of the cross, then it has been a good day, no matter what else may come.

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