A great product is only the beginning…you must get your product in front of the right customers.


That’s why you should advertise with us!

Why else should you advertise with us?

We have a targeted readership of:


  • Women/Stay-at-home moms
  • Conservative Christians
  • Homeschoolers/Interested in homeschooling

You will reach thousands of people:

  • 60,000 page views a month
  • Google page rank of 3
  • Average of 24,500 unique visitors monthly
  • Alexa ranking:  303,800
  • 6,000 Newsletter subscribers

No where can you reach an audience this large for such a low price!

Try us and see your business increase!

From one of our advertisers:
“I really have been happy with the results of advertising on you blog… I received many hits as a result. I was amazed at the different countries that were represented in the stats!” -Carol

Choose between a text ad, button ad or newsletter campaign:

(All ads are recurring until you wish to cancel.)

Text ads:

Submit up to two lines of text (below) and the url of your site (email me) where the ad should link.

$30/1 month

Text for ad


Sidebar Button ads:

(Recurring subscriptions include free review of product.)

Premium spot (above the fold):  $99/month

In “web real estate”, above the fold is where you want to be! We have only one premium spot available at a time so it’s a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this spot, just contact me.


***Save $50 when you purchase 3 months–$247/3 months



Regular sidebar ad–$49/month
Below the fold, sidebar button.


***Save $20 when you purchase 3 months!–$127/3 months

Newsletter Ad

This is where advertisers get the most bang for their buck. Our newsletter goes out to over 6,000 “interested” readers a day, that number growing steadily each day. These readers have indicated, by their subscription, that they want more and are usually the most dedicated customers.

This ad is for a one-time spot in our monthly newsletter. It includes a picture of your choice as well as any text up to approximately 50 words.

Newsletter Ad–$75

After your purchase, just submit (email me) a graphic for your ad, 150 x 150 pixels or smaller and the url of your site where the ad should link. (If you want me to design a button ad for you, I will be glad to for $25. Just email me with your preferences.)  I’ll have the ad up in a jiffy!

Another advertiser wrote:

“Your rate is so reasonable…AND I really like you.  I’ve worked with other bloggers…and you are, by far, the most “real”.  You have a nice combination of humility and confidence…and I LOVE that…it is so easy to work with.” Natalie, Apple Valley Natural Soap

Unless you cancel, paypal will renew your ad at the end of each period.

Your ad will start running as soon as I receive your payment and approve the ad!

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