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I am passionate about helping women be able to stay home with their families.   If you are interested in an easy way to earn a little money,  become an affiliate seller of our products and start earning today!

Make money in your sleep–really. Signing up to be an affiliate seller of our products is easy.  You receive 50% of all ebook/download sales,  and 15% of CD sales!  I pay affiliates at the first of each month for the last month’s earnings.

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E-junkie will give you a code when you join as an affiliate.  The code will read “Click here to visit Generation Cedar”.  This code can be used in the body of a post (just insert the code in the html view) or in your sidebar, and you can replace the text with anything you wish.  All sales made through that link will track your ID and commissions.

Which code do I choose?

Using the “common hoplink” code will take customers to our product page.  You will earn 50% commission on digital products (ebooks, etc.) and 15% commission on our CD’s or CD set.  However, by using the “product specific links”, customers will be taken to a page for the specific product you wish to advertise.

Feel free to use any of the graphics on our product page, linked with your affiliate code, to advertise. Then blog about it, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and I’ll send your money at the first of the month!

If  you need any assistance with your affiliate account, don’t hesitate to EMAIL me!

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Join our Affiliate Program!


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