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The Glory of Being Differently Woman

I never dreamed I'd live in a world where real live humans would be talking about "the harm of infant gender assignment", saying of their expecting baby: "We're going to wait and let it choose which gender it identifies with", and calling you a cruel parent if you announce the gender of your child before ...

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Eve in Exile: What Did God Make Real Women For? (Psst: Enter to Win a Free Copy!)

Congratulations to Rebecca, Sarah and Sar! Each won a copy of Eve in Exile. I wish I had copies to give every entrant! I hope you'll grab a copy though, because it will seriously give you an outlook and renewed vision that we so desperately need in a culture that marginalizes women. It's been a long ...

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What I’m Telling My Girls About the Women’s March

The women's march that took place the day after the presidential inauguration leaves me with a deep sense of anguish, not hope, for the women in this country. As a Christian woman who is also a human being, who obviously shares the same ideals of feminism as far as it includes women being treated with ...

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A Godly Woman: Sober and Self-controlled

I want to be more "sober-minded." I really, really do. "Wow, Kelly, that's great.  Who cares." I knew you'd want to hear more. I usually don't pay much attention to those verses about being sober.  And if I'm not mistaking, the word sober in the Bible never refers to "not drunk"; it is always a reference to one's ...

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The Good News About Your Work Nobody Sees

I drove my oldest son to the work site where my husband is building a barn. It was the first time I'd seen it since it was just a frame structure, and now it had siding and a roof. It stood magnificently, dwarfing all the houses around it. It was grand and perfect. I and ...

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To the Lady Who Used Guilt to Undermine Homemaking & the Titus 2 Woman

To the Lady Who Used Guilt to Undermine Homemaking and the Titus 2 Woman

A friend shared a post on Facebook recently and when I read it, it irritated me. But I sort of didn't know why at first, because honestly, it was hard to even articulate what the article was about when I tried to tell my husband. Do you feel the same? Here's a snippet: "It was the raspberry ...

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Why Feminists Will Never Be Happy

feminist face

Guest Post by Reagan Ramm Feminism has failed. More and more people are starting to realize this fact, but the beast just won’t die! While all of society is worse off for the advance of Feminism, the sad irony is that those who lose out the most are the Feminist women themselves. I’m not talking about the ...

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Obama’s Feminist Remark: It’s Not About Choice

You've probably seen Obama's feminist remark from his speech Friday but in case you haven't, the statement that rightly has stay-at-home moms up in arms is this: "Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a ...

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And the Real Feminism Steps Right Up

I've written for years on the damage I believe feminism has done to society though feminists are always ready to jump in and say I'm ignorant and don't understand anything about feminism. Thankfully, we don't even have to "peel back the layers" of real feminism anymore. It gets uglier all on its own. Matt Walsh covered ...

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Why I’m Seeking Softness, Not Sameness

It might seem like an odd trait to cultivate, but I've been thinking lately about how "softness" is missing in a lot of today's women, why it's a powerful trait, and why I'm purposing to become a softer woman. The pursuit of equality has robbed us of more than it gave. With all the hear me ...

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