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Why Feminists Will Never Be Happy

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Guest Post by Reagan Ramm Feminism has failed. More and more people are starting to realize this fact, but the beast just won’t die! While all of society is worse off for the advance of Feminism, the sad irony is that those who lose out the most are the Feminist women themselves. I’m not talking about the ...

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Obama’s Feminist Remark: It’s Not About Choice

You've probably seen the quote from Obama's speech Friday but in case you haven't, the statement that rightly has stay-at-home moms up in arms is this: "Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. ...

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And the Real Feminism Steps Right Up

I've written for years on the damage I believe feminism has done to society though feminists are always ready to jump in and say I'm ignorant and don't understand anything about feminism. Thankfully, we don't even have to "peel back the layers" of real feminism anymore. It gets uglier all on its own. Matt Walsh covered ...

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Why I’m Seeking Softness, Not Sameness

It might seem like an odd trait to cultivate, but I've been thinking lately about how "softness" is missing in a lot of today's women, why it's a powerful trait, and why I'm purposing to become a softer woman. The pursuit of equality has robbed us of more than it gave. With all the hear me ...

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Do You Pity the Girl at Home? Feminism Lies Again.

The young woman, fresh out of college, caught the eager listeners up to date on her life. Approving nods confirmed her choice: Early Childhood Development. She had spent four years earning her degree and was now employed at a Montessori Preschool Academy where, she admitted, she has learned more than most of her classes taught ...

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Women, Work & Freedom: One Big, Fat, Suicidal Error

Nicholas Farrell nailed it in his piece, Women, Work & Freedom, exposing the truths that most of us are too afraid to say out loud, regardless of the damage we've all suffered from ignoring it. "Women in Europe and America have made one great big fat suicidal error as a result of modern feminism since the ...

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New Wave of Feminist Giving up Careers to Stay Home

"because they want to", the rest of the title reads. This article fascinated me simply because the conversation contained the same conventional points anti-feminists have been making for years (and getting scolded for) but yet they were made as if it were newly discovered information. And somehow, because these are self-acclaimed feminists who are choosing to ...

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Feminism: The Real War Against Women

Though feminism has been touted as "all about protecting women", feminism has killed more women than the holocaust and all other wars put together. Feminism has brought a steady increase in violent crimes against women. Feminism has attempted to stamp out the importance of motherhood, mothers raising their children and the stability of home life, ...

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The Difficulty of Mothering Alone and a Call for Older Women

hands of generations in the family - daughter mother and grandmother

The Difficulty of Mothering Alone and a Call for Older Women In my last newsletter I asked for feedback about the topics you would like to see covered here. I got a ton of wonderful replies--thank you!! A common "voice" I seemed to hear revealed the difficulty and challenges of motherhood. Motherhood is already hard. But motherhood ...

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Why I’m Not Teaching My Children to Follow Their Dreams

"What if your daughter wanted to be an interior designer? Go to school and become a professional? I'm only asking what if. Would you push her to stay at home or to follow her dreams?" I was asked this question during a topic about a woman's calling to be a "keeper at home." I could write a ...

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