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Grab Our (amazing, natural, fabulous) Skin Care Gift Set @ $10 off Retail! Hurry Before They’re Gone!

Girls, you may remember a while back when I posted about my new business on Amazon--Avalee Natural Skin Care now, White and Lea. I'm getting incredibly amazing feedback from customers (I'll post just a few below) who are seeing real results in their skin. As in, fewer lines and wrinkles and a brighter face! Well for Christmas, I've ...

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How to Make an Easy, Cheap Personalized Gift–Printed Cutting Boards–or Buy Them

I wanted to let you know about a new business I've just started and am just tickled about! Bamboo & Burlap is the way to send your favorite people (including yourself!) a personalized cutting board--I'll ship them a one-of-a-kind, charming gift! It's becoming really popular with realtors or anyone who routinely buys gifts for their clients. A useful, personalized cutting ...

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Summer Boredom Busters or Helping Your Kids Be Productive

It can be tricky keeping kids busy doing productive things in the summer (if you're off from school), especially with the lure of the Internet. I offer you some tips: My favorite inspiration for productivity is using summer to prepare for Christmas by making homemade gifts. Over the years, this has saved us thousands of dollars. One ...

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Cheap, Easy Meals for Large Families (Or Small Ones): Apple/Sausage Stir Fry

I personally love to come across a cheap and easy meal (I'm partial to the one or two dish kind), especially here in my late pregnancy where simplifying life is important. Last night we cooked up this meal (although the picture isn't mine--we forgot, but it's close to what it looked like). It took me ...

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Christmas Thoughts and a Fun, Unique, Homemade Gift With an Offer For You

I pray you all are enjoying this blessed season of Advent, anticipating the celebration of Christ's birth and enjoying making memories with friends and family. We, too, are seeking to find the beauty and joy in the simplicity of living--things like savoring the smell of cinnamon and deliberating soaking up moments of two-year-old sweetness, that ...

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Easy, Cheap, Homemade Gift/Product Idea for Your Entrepreneurs (Canvas Pillows)

Easy, Cheap Homemade Gifts

When my daughter got married, we used two large, canvas curtains for decoration. The cheapest solution was a painter's drop cloth. (Harbor Freight (on line) was the cheapest place I found them, and right now, they're on sale for $16.49 for a 9 x 12 piece.) Also, I googled for a coupon code and found this one for ...

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Why “I Can’t Afford It” Could Be the Best Thing For Your Children

Why I Can

Americans are pretty obsessed with "affording" stuff. I saw a quote recently, though I can't recall it, that said something like: "We work all the time to afford all the things we never have time to enjoy because we're always working." We've afforded bigger homes, nicer cars, longer vacations, but we can't afford for mom to stay home ...

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How to LIVE (and Leave) a LEGACY in Your Home

How to Live (and Leave) a Legacy in Your Home

Three years ago, two of my best friends and I planned an overnight get-a-way where we just brainstormed about life with each other. One of our epiphanies was this: We want to leave a real, meaningful legacy behind, and we want to help other women do that too. From that deep-seated passion, Living a Legacy conference was born, and a ...

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Stretching Your Money in the Kitchen: Creative Ways to Use Left Overs

Stretching Your Money in the Kitchen Creative Ways to Use Left Overs

I love scrimping. Well, not scrimping, but seeing how far I can stretch a dollar. Even though Americans are known as the most wasteful of the world, I like to think we homemakers can redeem that stereotype with a little creativity. Saving money in the kitchen is one of the best places to start.  You can reduce the ...

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Money-Saving Wedding Ideas: Invitations for Less

With the upcoming marriage of our daughter, there were so many options for invitations it made my head spin. I found several I loved on Etsy at reasonable prices, but when you're really trying to save every dollar, and you've got a large guest list, making them yourself is the way to go. And with easy-to-use ...

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