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How Do I Do Relaxed Homeschooling? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Happy kid exploring nature with magnifying glass

Lots of people who have read about our relaxed homeschooling lifestyle or my book, Think Outside the Classroom (where I flesh that out a bit), still have questions. The main one is, "but how do I do relaxed homeschooling, specifically?" On one hand, telling you specifics steals a part of the "relaxed" from the equation. Yet, I've realized ...

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Homeschooling Help: Education and The Skills That Matter

Homeschooling Help Education and The Skills That Matter

More money, more time and more effort toward federal education has had one result: less real, meaningful education and even failing standards by the system's own measure. If you are thinking about homeschooling, I challenge you to dive into some research and see that it isn't as difficult as you might think and that "school" doesn't ...

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Relaxed Homeschooling: How to Fuel Your Children’s Passions

Relaxed Homeschooling How to Fuel Your Children

I suppose it is the greatest blessing and also the greatest curse that homeschooling affords so much freedom. Instead of the mythical idea that "only experts can teach", homeschool moms face the often-overwhelming dilemma of sorting through the ocean of teaching resources, styles and approaches. But if there's one freedom for which I'm thankful, it's that ...

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A Book Series Your Children Will Love

If you are like me, you are always on the look out for good, well-written books that capture your children's attention. Well I'm thrilled to recommend to you, the Growly Bear books, a series of adventure and fun for the family! The characters in this series are so likable and the adventures pull ...

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The Magic of Copywork (And Why Doing Grammar Isn’t Necessary)

It's both fascinating and frustrating to go from the teacher in a classroom to homeschooling. Fascinating because so much we were led to believe (and I mean staunchly, don't-dare-question-the-system believe) about how children learn isn't true and it's easier than we think, and frustrating because so much we were led to believe about how children learn ...

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Homeschool “Victim” Shares Her Story

    "Six years have passed since I graduated from what I have been trained to call formal education. I was taught that education was about more than the books and grades, so we called our curriculum, our scheduled learning, “formal education”. It is all documented in those records we kept, just in case anyone accused us ...

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Homeschooling: Cheap and Easy Way to Teach Kids to Read

I've never used a formal Phonics curriculum with any of my children and 7 of my 10 children read well or are well on their way. I say that for only one reason: educating children doesn't take much money or a teaching degree. Basically the way I  have taught all my children to read is to begin ...

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Teaching Vocabulary is a Waste of Time

When I taught high school English I couldn't understand why my students didn't love their vocabulary workbooks. I mean here it was: WORDS and LISTS all on in place. How could you not love that? And so I would make up games to pique interests but in the end, some of them memorized enough words ...

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I Didn’t Notice School Had Begun (Relaxed Homeschooling)

The school bus passed yesterday and it reminded me that another school year had begun. School doesn't begin at our house. But it doesn't end either. I don't have any opposition to starting school or new notebooks and new curriculum. But for us, learning is too intertwined in our lives to mark it with stops ...

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So Much Good Stuff to Inspire Your Homeschool Year

Homeschooling Myth Busters Series Part 2: Socialization Part 3: Sheltering Part 4: “Proof is in the Puddin’” Part 5: Academics Part 6: Only One Way to Learn Myth Buster Extra: How Do You Teach? Embracing the Homeschool Advantage: A Living Education Homeschooling: Help When You Fear You're Not Doing it Right How to Homeschool When You Think You Can't Homeschool For Free Homeschooling Preschoolers Naturally Operation Conversation: ...

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