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Simple Homeschooling: Ideas for Summer Learning

Whether you technically homeschool or not, you definitely homeschool in the summer when your children are home. And if your homeschooling has an "end", you're confused. I basically dislike the term "school" because school starts and stops. Education though, is constant, all day, every day. So even when formal school is out, we can actively nudge our ...

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Here’s Your Code for 1/2 Off our Scripture Songs CD!

By Heart Scripture Songs An easy and beautiful way to memorize Scripture! One of the most important things you and your family can do is memorize Scripture. For that is the "secret weapon" for guarding against sin. By Heart Scripture Songs was recorded to make it easy. You know that Scripture memorization is one of the most important ...

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5 Reasons You Think You Can’t Homeschool, And Why I Think You Can (Read at Your Own Risk)

I would have hoped Christians saw the many reasons to pull their kids from public school before Obama started inviting boys and girls to share bathrooms and dress in the same locker rooms. But, if that's what it takes, we'll take it. You see the government just simply doesn't need to be educating our children. It can't even ...

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5 Things That Really Matter in Your Child’s Education (Homeschooling Moms, Read This.)

Raise a virtual hand if you can remember what year the American Revolution was fought? Can you find the length of the hypotenuse? Do you know what a hypotenuse is? What element on the Periodic Table is abbreviated Sn? What about Os? Can you identify an intransitive verb in a sentence? How about a diphthong? And ...

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Simple Homeschooling: What My Kids Need to Learn

Homeschooling is a lot of wonderful things, but sometimes it can be confusing, even for (especially for) veteran moms, staring at the ocean of curricula, the endless teaching possibilities, and the myriad of styles and approaches. It is helpful for me to go back to the basics sometimes, and reevaluate what an "education" is, what we ...

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Re-thinking Education: Are School Subjects Necessary?

Rethinking Education: Are School Subjects Necessary

Ever since I taught in a high school classroom, I have felt that something was inherently wrong with the way we teach. But I still came home, fourteen years ago to homeschool, and tried to recreate all I knew--all any of us know--the only way to "do school." But what if a method, so ingrained that the ...

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For Only 2 Days, You Get the Chance to Get the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (if you missed it the first time)!

Did you miss the Homemaking Bundle sale last Spring? Here is what Brenda said: "I am SO glad I bought the bundle. I was a bit hesitant, but once I got my library, I couldn't believe the awesome books and audios I would have missed! Already, my home is running more smoothly, I feel more in control, ...

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Win a $200 Homeschool Supply Gift Certificate Plus FREE Registration to Great Homeschool Conventions and LOTS More!

Great Homeschool Conventions - The Great Giveaway

To show appreciation to our homeschool families and those considering homeschooling, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter and register for our giveaway. Register to win one of twenty-five $200 gift certificates to shop at these homeschool family favorite websites: Rainbow Resources, Classical Academic Press, Demme Learning, Creation Ministries International, and Veritas Press! The ...

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The Secret to Your Child’s Success

Every parent wants to raise "successful children."  The irony is that as important as success is to parents, very few of them actually know how to help their children achieve it.  Not only that, they are confused about what actual success is and are only aiming for the end results, missing the means by which ...

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Public School, the Bible & Christians: Are We at Fault for Society’s Decline?

I have dreaded publishing this post, and I have prayed heavily over it, begging the Lord to use it to challenge and move hearts. Public school is perhaps, the most sacred cow of our society making it one of the most volatile to discuss. Know I'm writing in earnest, heart-torn love. Yet I believe one of ...

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