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Girl Defined: A Ministry for Girls You’ll Love

Meet Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird (sisters), founders of Girl Defined.  They are friends with a very dear friend of mine and she told me about them after speaking at their recent conference "Radical Purity." They are regular contributors to the ministry of Nancy Leigh DeMoss and have spoken at one of the True Woman ...

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Eve in Exile: What Did God Make Real Women For? (Psst: Enter to Win a Free Copy!)

Congratulations to Rebecca, Sarah and Sar! Each won a copy of Eve in Exile. I wish I had copies to give every entrant! I hope you'll grab a copy though, because it will seriously give you an outlook and renewed vision that we so desperately need in a culture that marginalizes women. It's been a long ...

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What’s A Girl to Do? Life After High School

In the machine we've created, it is assumed that a high school graduate will, no, must go to college, get a good job so he/she can get a good house and live a good life. To some people, there simply isn't another option, which is sad, at best. I could write a book on the many ...

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What’s a Girl to Do–Interview Part 2

"I learned that my life is about glorifying God in every single thing I do, including scrubbing toilets. God showed me that if I was doing His will, then I need to do it with all my heart, soul and might and with joy! (Phillippians 2:14-16)"Part 2 of an interview with Lindsay S. (left), about ...

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Comments wanted: Family-Focused but not Family -Supported?

Anna S. writes...Kelly, I would love to hear your advice for family-focused daughters who aren't supported by their parents in their dedication to home and training to be wives and homemakers. Especially those who don't have a father to protect and support them.This topic is a touchy one, but I'm sure a common challenge. What ...

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