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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Remembering God’s Sovereignty: 3rd Anniversary of “The Storm”

This Sunday marks the 3rd anniversary of the awful day in our lives wherein friends and neighbors were killed, and our world turned upside down, never to be the same, due to a mammoth-sized, record-breaking tornado.

For old readers, you walked with us through those difficult months and I love you for it.

This week, while I am preparing/traveling/speaking at the Christian Heritage Conference and unable to write, I’m preparing, ahead of time, this brief memorial and the links to our story as I chronicled it. I love so much going back and reading the comments on those posts. I love that they are here, forever, for me to read and cherish.

And on this third year, I can say that we are continually so grateful for all the Lord taught us and did for us through that tragedy, and how He continues to grow us. I never knew it would take so long to acclimate to a new life, and even still, I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever feel “normal” again. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t talk about “The Storm”, its memory being so indelibly burned into our minds and experience, and its evidence in the landscape still very much a daily reminder.

I am thankful for the lessons of His sovereignty and how learning those lessons brings so much peace. When we can fall into His arms and know that nothing is outside of His omniscient love for us, we can live in confidence, reminding our fears that He is in control.

Whatever storms you might be going through, do not let your heart forget that nothing surprises the Lord, and that in everything, He is working out His plan for your good. We must only obey and trust His promises, and then embrace the peace that passes all understanding.

For those who wish to read the stories of God’s amazing grace, I’ve provided links to the story, chronologically.

God is Mighty to Save…All is Not Lost

Tornado Update April 30 (from Kathy–videos and pictures)

I Am Persuaded

Sending Smiles

Hearts and Treasures

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Beauty for Ashes on April 27 Part 1 (The Story)es for Lees and Crawfords

Beauty for Ashes on April 27 Part 2

Beauty for Ashes on April 27 Part 3

Beauty for Ashes on April 27 Conclusion

Be still My Soul

When Love Looks Like Lumber (First building update)

A Door I Adore

Update: On Building and Scrap Wood

Update: Six Months After the Storm

We’re Finally Home!

Storm Strikes Again–2013



Hallelujah, Happy Easter

“Governments and kingdoms of men have tried to exterminate the Truth, but all have failed. Christianity is a religion of peace and love, but it’s also a warrior’s faith. It isn’t a blanket to hide under, it’s a battle flag to march under. It doesn’t hide us from the pain and suffering that this world has to offer — it commands us to endure it, confront it, and find the beauty in it all.

Easter reminds us that there is an end to the suffering and a purpose in the pain. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He triumphed over evil. And He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.”

Read the rest of Matt Walsh’s Hallelujah, Happy Easter.


Winner of “Under Drake’s Flag”–Homeschooling and History Come to Life

Congratulations to the 5 winners of the fantastic “Under Drake’s Flag”!

Esther, Serita, Jana, Amy (W.), Sarah G.

Check out the phenomenal adventures of Under Drake’s Flag and add this exciting resource to your family library!

A Little Secret to Raising Kids With Character

Kids become who they are for many reasons, not the least of which, is the grace of God. But just like negative, destructive influences can cripple a child’s growth, purposeful, nurturing ones can cause him to thrive.

There is something I’ve done with my children since they were very young, continuing it as they get older, that I believe has had a profound effect on their character.

It’s simple, really, but it’s done very deliberately. Not constantly, but periodically.

When one of them does something like goes out of his way to help or serve, I give him “the talk.” It goes something like this:

“Brooks, you are becoming a man right before my very eyes!” (I stop what I’m doing and place emphasis on the words.)

“Thank you so much for clearing the table without being asked. That is serving. I love the heart for serving the Lord has given you! Guys, did you see Brooks clear the table without being told? I appreciate you so much, Brooks.”

This talk varies depending on the child and the action. But stopping to deliberately “speak into their lives” about who you hope they are becoming, even at the slightest hints of that becoming, is powerful.

The encouragement is contagious too. I caught Ellia on the cabinet putting away the dishes from the dishwasher. She put every last one away by herself. I had “the talk” with her too, and she beamed. It’s  a small thing with big dividends.

Homemakers That Live in Homes, Not Boxes (Debunking Myths)

We do love stuffing people in boxes, don’t we?  I’m guilty.  And I’ve been stuffed in a box or two myself.

In the 21st century, the homemaker gets put into a box almost always.  She’s either “dumb, incapable and dull”, or, often from Christian circles, she’s “mislead, brainwashed and micro-managed”, or worse, “dominated.”

Where there is talk of “biblical submission” or “Keepers at Home”, there is no way around throwing most main-stream thinkers into a hissy fit (excuse my Southern idiom), while they jump up and down to correct this antiquated notion.

And the funniest thing of all? After all the efforts to convince the masses that we are not in this box they’ve put us in, when once we attempt to live our lives to prove it, we become a “hypocrite.”  ”You say one thing and do another”…”No, actually I’ve been saying what you refuse to hear and I live out those beliefs as well.”

It seems a no-win situation.

So, here are some myths and facts about what I believe is the biblical understanding (given through directives and examples) of a Keeper at Home:

Myth: Being a Keeper at Home means I’m imprisoned within these walls, bound only to my household duties of laundry and dishes, where it would be useless to be educated or continue  furthering my education.

Fact: Being a Keeper at Home does entail many, practical, household duties.  Some can be (and should be) delegated, often at different seasons of life.  Practical duties are good within themselves and homemaking allows opportunities to go way beyond the menial into the magnificent as we look for ways to expand our natural gifts and bents, serving even in the menial tasks, to the glory of God.  But being a homemaker allows me to further my education continually; an important asset to a woman.  It also allows me the free time to do many things I love.  I can grow and thrive in ways I never had the time or energy to do when I worked two full time jobs.

Myth: Believing in the biblical role of marriage means your husband must manage and control all you do.

Fact: That’s a lie.  Our home is my domain.  I am the manager, the guard. Our family is run by the two of us who are jointly one flesh. We have the same goals and visions as it regards our life purpose and how our family plays into that.  But I am responsible for managing my home and if he has to micro-manage it, I’m not doing my job. He trusts me.  He’s there if I need him.  I’m so glad he’s there to solve problems that feel too big or to help me get my bearing straight when I lose focus.  That’s his protective role.  It is not his job to give me permission for every detail of life.  We discuss things together.  If there is something he doesn’t want done a certain way he tells me and I either appeal if I disagree or I fulfill his request because I am on his team.

Myth: A Keeper at Home shouldn’t be involved in business or extra activities–she doesn’t have time.

Fact:  That could be true.  It all depends on seasons of life, family interests and dynamics, specific details of a family’s structure, or a woman’s discipline. I’ve been scolded for blogging, for running an internet business and anything else “extra”.  It’s that box people desperately want us to be in.  Extras must be prioritized.  If our endeavors are hindering our job to manage, guard and keep the affairs of our homes and children, then perhaps the extras are too much. But all women have “extras” that are, in my opinion, very healthy both to her and to her family.  The difference is, my extras may look different than yours.

One woman likes to sew and devotes a certain portion of her time to it.  That’s usually OK because sewing is very “homemakey” thing to do ;-)  But what if she doesn’t sew?  What if she finds her gift in writing?  Or marketing?  Or internet business?  Some women delight in culinary arts and spend time watching cooking shows to enhance their skills.  Some women love to read extensively and spend a set aside time doing that.  Some exercise more than others.  I think creative outlets are essential to the overall spirit of a woman (and thus, her family), as long as they are kept in check and do not displace her mother/wife duties. (I warn here that we should be very careful to keep our extras in check.  It is easy to neglect the menial (which is a necessary part of life) or much worse, to neglect the emotional needs of our husband and children.  ”I need my creative outlet” can never be an excuse to neglect our far greater duties.)

Myth: Some women are called to be a Keeper at Home. But many simply aren’t.

Fact: I disagree. A man is to provide for his family if he has a family. He doesn’t wait to feel “called.” Same goes for a woman who has given birth. She is a mother. She doesn’t need to be called to it.

From Scripture, it is ideal for a woman to be a Keeper at Home, if she has a home and family (Titus 2). We shouldn’t make apologies for encouraging the younger women to be keepers at home. It is precisely what we’re instructed from Scripture to do. It is a full time job and it ‘s cruel to put demands on a woman expecting her to take another full time job in addition to the one she already has. Unfortunately, there are times a woman isn’t able to be a Keeper at Home. This reality doesn’t negate the fact that families need her.

My desire is that “homemaker” or whatever word one prefers, would lose its stigma and would evoke a positive emotion in us. I pray that we all come to recognize the importance of the stability of the family and unanimously agree that it’s a good thing in which to invest a life.

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