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Let Her Go-A Wedding Song From Parents

I meant to include this on my post about our daughter’s marriage and forgot. I wrote a song for her, played during the entrance of parents and grandparents. If you know any publishers who would like to buy my song and make it fabulous, send them my way. :-D

Many thanks to Iachod Media for recording, adding beautiful instruments and editing!

Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

Helping My Children Speak Life to Each Other

I literally almost cried.

Lately I’ve been so burdened to be more intentional with my busy family about how we speak to each other, treat each other, and how we can grow in the fruits of the Spirit. I’ve been thinking I needed to write some sort of study to go through and just really shift our focus to deliberate, daily studying of how God’s Word says to handle conflicts, control our tongues and treat each other with gentleness.

Because I know without a doubt, I can “remind” and rebuke all day long, but what I want is heart change. And that only comes through the power of God’s Spirit, planted in our hearts by His Word. All else is outward pruning.

And it’s too easy to just go through the motions of a day, allowing ourselves to get distracted by the trivial so we don’t have to do the hard stuff of the eternal.

Do you struggle with this?

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21

This year I was asked again to be a part of the The Ultimate Bundle, it’s focus on Christian living. To be able to tell you about it, I opened up the document with the list of ebooks. The first one I saw and chose to open was Learning to Speak Life. That’s when I almost cried.

It was exactly what I need and I got so excited, I almost stopped what I was doing to print it off and get started right then! (I love to print off ebooks and put them in a binder, or easier than that, have an office store do it and bind it for me!)

The 9-week study includes the following categories for each of the fruits of the Spirit, found in Galatians:

Scripture What is? (Explanation of the particular characteristic for that lessons) -Confessions – Copy Work (I love copy work!) – Role Play – Silly Sayings – Short Story – Family Discussion – Family Project – Prayer – and Digging Deeper

It’s a tool that will force us to be intentional, to look into God’s Word and remind us every day how we are to live in a way that honors the Father.

When I feel burned out as a mom, I can almost be sure that part of the problem is a lack of intentional discipleship on my part. But I feel so inspired to go through this study with my children!

That’s just one of so many fabulous books in this year’s bundle. Here are just a few other titles I’ve been devouring:

Extraordinary Grace

Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry





Managing Money God’s Way-31 Day Devotional

Bob Lotich





Your Supernatural Marriage

Bob & Audrey Meisner





From Grouchy to Great

Ruth Schwenck





Even Tempered Mother

Tabitha Philen





Just these 6 ebooks retail for $40 and with the bundle you can get these plus 79 more for $34.95!!! These bundles really are the most incredible deals on the internet.

Click HERE and see the other 75+ titles AND bonuses that you can get for 5 days only at 94% off!



Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

God is Just Using Us

One of my greatest epiphanies as a mother who often feels overwhelmed was reading about Moses.  I shared my epiphany in the post, Moses and Motherhood:  The Beauty of Broken Vessels.

Today I had to rally up that same courage again so I gave myself a shot in the arm with a condensed version. Maybe you need one too:

“Moses, I want you to go tell Pharaoh to let My people go.”

(chuckles) “Lord, in case you haven’t noticed, I am one man and Pharaoh has thousands, and I don’t think he’s in the mood to just “let Your people go”…besides that, I have a speech impediment.  Not qualified–too hard–can’t do it.”

“Moses, how smug of you to think I’m depending on YOU to do it.  I AM that I AM.  I will do it, I’m just using you as an instrument.”

When we understand that we are instruments in His hand and when we fully grasp that He is doing something really big through us–through our children, through our husbands, through our families, churches and communities–we can march ahead with confidence. He chose us! Full of impediments. Full of fear and weakness and fully human.

He knows our limitations and He still says, “Go, and I’ll work miracles through you.”

Sometimes I need to stop arguing with God about how inadequate I am and start facing my challenges with the unstoppable resolve of having I Am at my side.


Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is Almost Here! (How to Get a FREE Bundle!)

Every year, the Ultimate Bundles have been a wild success. Anyone who has taken the time to check them out knows why. They are an incredible value–usually around $900 worth of great ebooks, video courses and bonuses for about $29. I mean UNREAL. (By the way, look for a new bundle coming this fall–The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle–to get the best of Christian resources for a fraction of the price.)

This year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has an added perk you are going to love: “Refer-a-Friend Promotional Code.” When you sign up to be notified when the bundle is for sale, you will get your special code.

With your special code, if you refer 1 friend you will receive $5 off your bundle! If you refer 5 friends you’ll receive a 12-session audio conference, and referring 10 will get you a healthy living bundle for absolutely free!

So when you sign up HERE, you will be notified when the Bundle is available. And with your sign-up, you’ll be given a special referral code to share with your friends. 10 friends = FREE BUNDLE!!!

Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

Your Opinion, Please? (A Proverbs 31 Fun Thing)

Not long after I started blogging, I wrote a series that became known as “The Ruby Rebel“, extolling the many qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Read the original post here.

A “Ruby Rebel” is essentially a woman who desires to be what Proverbs 31 calls “an excellent wife”, a woman who is “far above rubies” and therefore is in rebellion to the culture’s idea of womanhood.

I’ve always thought it would be glorious to “advertise” our brand of womanhood in a culture that blares its message at every turn. What if we became walking billboards too? At the very least, it might open the doors for opportunities to share Christ or for God’s Word to be presented in a practical way and thus pique someone’s desire to read it. So I designed this t-shirt and my question for you is, would you consider buying something like this? They would come with different snippets from Proverbs 31 on the back. (“Strength and dignity are her clothing.” … “She laughs at the time to come.”…etc.)

I’m interested in your feedback before I decide to have them printed. I’m also open to suggestions about the design.




Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

Why Moms Need to Reboot

Motherhood is really, at its core, about perseverance and deliberate, focused endurance.

I don’t mean just the physical kind…more often, it is the emotional and spiritual kind. It requires the kind of tenacity that frankly, few women in our age are willing to develop.

Not the tenacity to simply run a household, though the mechanics of that are a very real part of our job. But the motherhood I’m talking about encompasses a whole world besides; a world where hearts are painstakingly drawn out, attitudes are carefully monitored and molded, and life-lessons that can only be taught through the zeal of a mother are learned.

Quite frankly, we’ve probably all had days we thought, “this would be easier if someone else were doing it.” And someone else might be able to handle the mechanics. Maybe even more efficiently.

But we’re talking about mother-love: that all-encompassing vocation that has been given only to us.

I get tired. I get grouchy and start to look around and only see too many pairs of shoes out of place, dust under the couch, toys left out for the 100th time.


But I MUST reboot, and remind myself that the mechanics–that is, how I handle the mechanics, are intricately tied to this bigger thing that we do…this growing of souls, and launching of good, sturdy men and women.

I cannot allow myself to be too tired for too long. Grace is given, yes, but then I must draw, not from my own strength, but from that source of never-ending power that comes from the One who has called me to this.

I have to re-think before I speak. The pile of shoes may be bothersome, but they also may be an opportunity to shape my character which will transfer to my children.

The moment of bickering calls me to dig deep into the well of my being and carves out of me a more patient and loving spirit–if I let it. That, too, is simultaneously working in my children’s character.

This short time is fleeting. They will carry a part of me into the rest of their lives. Which part?

Get alone, get quiet, get still, and ask the Lord to bring the vision back, if you are struggling to hold on to it.

This is big. Rise to the occasion on the wings of Him Who is able.


Think Outside the Classroom


Are you stressed out with homeschooling? Do you want to homeschool but are afraid? Read more...

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