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Motherhood: It’s Not Just Something I Am

It's hard for me to understand how the masses became convinced that motherhood was a "peripheral" job. In an interview I recently had, I concluded: Being a wife and mother is not just something we ARE; it's something we DO. And that changes everything. Because that "doing" is magnanimous. What we do, that is, what we are ...

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What’s Better Than These Gifts to Help Moms? Gifts for Moms on SALE!

Sorry, sale has ended. Whether you need some real-life, practical help or you know a mom who does, today is the day to SAVE BIG on our books and CDs. If you haven't browsed our store before, take a look below and click on the links to see our full list of resources, meant to help you right ...

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Introducing the Musically Gifted Johnson Strings (And Enter to Win Their CD Set)

This giveaway is over. Congratulations to Shari, Tracy and Bettie! I'm happy to introduce you to one of our sponsors, the very talented Johnson Strings! It’s a family orchestra like you’ve never seen before! Our homeschool family of eight could never have imagined the journey in music we’ve been through. Beginning with macaroni boxes tucked under our ...

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Helping Our Children Keep the Faith–The Bedrock of Parenting Well

Helping Our Children Keep the Faith--The Bedrock of Parenting Well

We attended the Gen2 Conference last weekend and left so encouraged and inspired. I was thoroughly impressed with the humility and wisdom of each speaker and as they discussed why so many millennials seem to be leaving the faith, it was good to hear a "back-to-the-basics" of the homeschool movement and what we need to ...

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Conversations About Learning: Is School Good For Us?

Conversations About Learning Is School Good For Us

Enjoy these fascinating, thought-provoking articles by Roger Schank about our current educational system: "Somehow we accept school as a painful experience of no real relevance to our lives and we talk about what we liked when we mean what we disliked least. And we talk about school’s relevance by assuming it provided “the basics” when we really ...

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For All You DIYers and DIY Wannabes: This is a Crafter’s Dream Come True

Sale is over. Keep reading for THE most delicious mouth waters looking at these. There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? With all a busy mom does, helping the kids with their schoolwork, preparing meals, cleaning up after everyone and putting yet another load of laundry on, there’s very little time for sleep – let ...

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Technology: What is Convenience Costing Us?

It's interesting to think about the challenges each generation faces. Our grandparents probably couldn't have imagined a world where we have access to virtually every source of information, every buying opportunity and every social conversation in the world. And while this advancement is good in so many ways, like everything else, it has grave pitfalls. The ...

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Why Is this Generation Leaving the Church? A Conference Not to Miss.

Homeschooling does not a Christian make. I fear too many have put their stock solely in homeschooling and have forgotten key elements of raising a faithful generation of children who truly love the Lord.  The GEN2 conference is an important one. Men and women who care deeply about the next generation are gathering to talk ...

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The Virtuous Woman: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Beautiful blond sexy woman warrior with sword outdoor

Jump over to Raising Homemakers today and get a fascinating glimpse of the virtuous woman!         ----    

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Let Her Go-A Wedding Song From Parents

I meant to include this on my post about our daughter's marriage and forgot. I wrote a song for her, played during the entrance of parents and grandparents. If you know any publishers who would like to buy my song and make it fabulous, send them my way. :-D Many thanks to Iachod Media for recording, ...

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