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2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is Almost Here! (How to Get a FREE Bundle!)

Every year, the Ultimate Bundles have been a wild success. Anyone who has taken the time to check them out knows why. They are an incredible value–usually around $900 worth of great ebooks, video courses and bonuses for about $29. I mean UNREAL. (By the way, look for a new bundle coming this fall–The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle–to get the best of Christian resources for a fraction of the price.)

This year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has an added perk you are going to love: “Refer-a-Friend Promotional Code.” When you sign up to be notified when the bundle is for sale, you will get your special code.

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So when you sign up HERE, you will be notified when the Bundle is available. And with your sign-up, you’ll be given a special referral code to share with your friends. 10 friends = FREE BUNDLE!!!

Your Opinion, Please? (A Proverbs 31 Fun Thing)

Not long after I started blogging, I wrote a series that became known as “The Ruby Rebel“, extolling the many qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Read the original post here.

A “Ruby Rebel” is essentially a woman who desires to be what Proverbs 31 calls “an excellent wife”, a woman who is “far above rubies” and therefore is in rebellion to the culture’s idea of womanhood.

I’ve always thought it would be glorious to “advertise” our brand of womanhood in a culture that blares its message at every turn. What if we became walking billboards too? At the very least, it might open the doors for opportunities to share Christ or for God’s Word to be presented in a practical way and thus pique someone’s desire to read it. So I designed this t-shirt and my question for you is, would you consider buying something like this? They would come with different snippets from Proverbs 31 on the back. (“Strength and dignity are her clothing.” … “She laughs at the time to come.”…etc.)

I’m interested in your feedback before I decide to have them printed. I’m also open to suggestions about the design.




Why Moms Need to Reboot

Motherhood is really, at its core, about perseverance and deliberate, focused endurance.

I don’t mean just the physical kind…more often, it is the emotional and spiritual kind. It requires the kind of tenacity that frankly, few women in our age are willing to develop.

Not the tenacity to simply run a household, though the mechanics of that are a very real part of our job. But the motherhood I’m talking about encompasses a whole world besides; a world where hearts are painstakingly drawn out, attitudes are carefully monitored and molded, and life-lessons that can only be taught through the zeal of a mother are learned.

Quite frankly, we’ve probably all had days we thought, “this would be easier if someone else were doing it.” And someone else might be able to handle the mechanics. Maybe even more efficiently.

But we’re talking about mother-love: that all-encompassing vocation that has been given only to us.

I get tired. I get grouchy and start to look around and only see too many pairs of shoes out of place, dust under the couch, toys left out for the 100th time.


But I MUST reboot, and remind myself that the mechanics–that is, how I handle the mechanics, are intricately tied to this bigger thing that we do…this growing of souls, and launching of good, sturdy men and women.

I cannot allow myself to be too tired for too long. Grace is given, yes, but then I must draw, not from my own strength, but from that source of never-ending power that comes from the One who has called me to this.

I have to re-think before I speak. The pile of shoes may be bothersome, but they also may be an opportunity to shape my character which will transfer to my children.

The moment of bickering calls me to dig deep into the well of my being and carves out of me a more patient and loving spirit–if I let it. That, too, is simultaneously working in my children’s character.

This short time is fleeting. They will carry a part of me into the rest of their lives. Which part?

Get alone, get quiet, get still, and ask the Lord to bring the vision back, if you are struggling to hold on to it.

This is big. Rise to the occasion on the wings of Him Who is able.


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How to Deal With Disrespectful Teenagers


I can’t wait for this! Pop some popcorn and make a date with your husband this Tuesday!

Video Broadcast with Lou Priolo, June 3 at 7pm PST (10pm EST)

As a rule, nothing provokes parents to anger more quickly than disrespect. There is something about an insolent son or daughter that upsets a parent and incites him to action—often the wrong kind of action. In this Christian Heritage OnAir video broadcast, Lou Priolo (author, The Heart of Anger and Teach Them Diligently) will explore what disrespect is, how it is displayed, why teenagers might be motivated to show it, and what parents can do to help teens correct it. Be sure to join in live to get your own questions answered during the Q & A with Lou at the end of the broadcast.

Watch the free broadcast here!


The Only Way to Love Sinners

“My friends are poor, rich, straight, gay, lesbian, homophobic, liberal, conservative, racist, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, addicted and clean. I’m trying to love them like Jesus loves me.”

said the meme on my Facebook wall, shared by someone close to me, also a professing Christian, teacher at a Christian school, and Sunday School teacher.

The meme is supposed to convey one message: “I don’t judge anyone. I just love them as they are, because Jesus loves me.” And everyone nods and says, “Amen.”

But that message is couched in a horrible misunderstanding of the true gospel, which ultimately, is the most hateful thing in all the world. And worse, it is the prevailing message of the modern church.

How does Jesus love me?

He died for me. If I were OK just as I am, the Son of God got the worst verdict in history. His tortuous death would be useless. He died so that I could have life, so that I would not have to face eternity in hell, because I was not OK. He had to die because my sins are so heinous to a holy God that a price is demanded. He stepped into my place and paid the price for me. Sin is that serious.

Which is why most of Jesus’ ministry here was spent saying, “Repent and believe.” That message came from the gut-wrenching love that couldn’t bear to think His death was for naught.

And if our love doesn’t come from that place, it’s no love at all.

Love is not love if it simply wants to be your friend, “just as you are.” Jesus never wanted us to stay as we are. We are doomed as we are. Our only hope is repentance and forgiveness.

And love is only love that seeks to warn, plead, point and lead others to the cross where they can put to death the deeds of the flesh that evoke God’s wrath.

And just like the often, mis-represented story of the adulteress dragged before her accusers, we must say with Jesus, “I do not condemn you. Now go and sin no more.”

I grieve for a generation of professing Christians who do not speak like Jesus or love like Jesus. More than that, I grieve for those led astray, right to the wrath of God, because of our skewed idea of the Gospel and our unwillingness to love as Jesus loved, urging our “friends” to repent and be saved.


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