Finding Financial Freedom

Aren’t you tired of the financial burden? Read how we got out of debt on a very small income.

I called my husband from home–I’ll never forget the day–sobbing. “We have to do something.” I couldn’t not handle any more creditors and the pressure of way too many bills and not nearly enough money. This book is our story and I pray it inspires and encourages you if you are struggling under the burden of debt.

“Thank you for this ebook!  I’m in tears as you have described a similar situation as ours.  Just to see that someone else has done it along with the practical ideas–I’m really inspired!”  Becky R.

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Finding Financial Freedom is the result of our journey–a difficult climb out from under a mountain of debt on one income. We have experienced the fears and anxiety of not knowing how we were going to pay the bills; we’ve learned a lot, and this book is a culmination of that learning, meant to encourage you AND give you the practical tools and inspiration in your own life to become financially free.

You will learn how we handled creditors, find ways to make extra money and ways to save money.  It’s a candid look at a real journey of one family who is now almost totally out of debt after owing $38,000 just a few years ago!

With God’s help, you can become financially free. This book can give you the hope you need!

Customer testimonials:

“I am so thankful I clicked on the button to buy your book; it has given me new hope and I feel more prepared than ever to face our financial crisis.” -Katie J.


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  6. Erica says:

    I am so excited about this book…just got the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle yesterday and am downloading everything today. This book is one that I am extremely interested in reading – along with the school items! While our “debt” is not near that amount I know that we can still cut back on spending AND be able to pay off what we owe. Hoping to be able to say that we have NO debt – have a clear credit report – AND have savings. Thank YOU!

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  8. | says:

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