Guide to Living Beautifully

guide to living beautifully

For years, I have loved perusing Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping. It’s charming, instructive, at times humorous, and delightfully nostalgic, reminding us of a time when life was less hurried and women made real, beautiful homes. I read this list to my children this morning, and thought how much I would love to have this […]

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Are You Making the Biggest Parenting Mistake?

Are You Making the Biggest Parenting Mistake

I think the biggest parenting mistake is at the heart of all our parenting woes: we try to raise good children and forget about raising wise adults. Now the process may look similar in motion, in either case, but the parent just trying to make good kids is going to burn out, stay frustrated and exhausted […]

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Why Your Children Annoy You and Homemaking is Boring

Why your children annoy you and homemaking is boring

I think often about that woman in the Bible, the woman hanging out in Proverbs 31, the model for a godly woman. She does many things, wears many hats. But one thing she does well, one thing is her priority: her home, husband and children. Her other pursuits fall around that. “She looks well to the […]

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Homeschooling Help: Education and The Skills That Matter

Homeschooling Help Education and The Skills That Matter

More money, more time and more effort toward federal education has had one result: less real, meaningful education and even failing standards by the system’s own measure. If you are thinking about homeschooling, I challenge you to dive into some research and see that it isn’t as difficult as you might think and that “school” doesn’t […]

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3 of My Favorite Things–Entrepreneur Love, Handmade Gifts


I have lots of favorites. But today I wanted to share 3 of them with you! I found Erin, at This One’s Mine Design on Etsy a year or so ago, and fell in love with her beautiful pottery as well as the friendly customer service to match. Her pieces are breath-taking, especially in person. Recently, […]

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Helping Our Kids Think Smart About College & the Future: Why Waiting Tables is a Good Option

Helping Our Kids Think Smart About College & the Future Why Waiting Tables is a Good Option

  My husband and I met waiting tables in our college days. That’s what all the college kids do, you know, until they get a degree and get a high-paying job so they can pay off the degree. (Only 27% of college grads have a job related to their major and 38% of grads work in a […]

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What I Need When Motherhood Makes Me Whine

This article is so important.  You know I’m a busy mom. And I think a lot of busy moms read here. And I can testify, it’s so easy to get lop-sided about our job, and begin to live with a victim mentality. (Admit it: you’ve thought at least once in your life, “These people want […]

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The Little Boy We Almost Didn’t Have

The Little Boy We Almost Didn

  This is 10-year-old Brooks.  He absolutely, positively knows what he wants to do in life, has an incredible knack for knowing how machines work, and he is the most curious little guy I’ve ever known. Pure joy, really. Brooks really shouldn’t be here. Before his conception, I had a 3 month old baby girl. My […]

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Will You Help Me Help Them? (Silent Auction With Cool Stuff!)

Once upon a time a horrific tornado demolished our home and community. As bad as it was, the Body of Christ shined brighter than I thought possible. And not just our family, friends and neighbors. Brothers and sisters from around the country became soul-friends through that tragedy. One such family was the Ockers. Mr. Ocker left his […]

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Helping Our Children Keep the Faith–The Bedrock of Parenting Well

Helping Our Children Keep the Faith--The Bedrock of Parenting Well

We attended the Gen2 Conference last weekend and left so encouraged and inspired. I was thoroughly impressed with the humility and wisdom of each speaker and as they discussed why so many millennials seem to be leaving the faith, it was good to hear a “back-to-the-basics” of the homeschool movement and what we need to […]

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