The Glory of Being Differently Woman

I never dreamed I’d live in a world where real live humans would be talking about “the harm of infant gender assignment”, saying of their expecting baby: “We’re going to wait and let it choose which gender it identifies with”, and calling you a cruel parent if you announce the gender of your child before this monumental event. “Obstetricians, doctors, and midwives commit this procedure on infants every single day, in every single country. In reality, this treatment is performed almost […]

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Eve in Exile: What Did God Make Real Women For? (Psst: Enter to Win a Free Copy!)

Congratulations to Rebecca, Sarah and Sar! Each won a copy of Eve in Exile. I wish I had copies to give every entrant! I hope you’ll grab a copy though, because it will seriously give you an outlook and renewed vision that we so desperately need in a culture that marginalizes women. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten this excited over a book. Eve in Exile invigorated me to action, even though I already agreed with what she […]

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The Simple Trick to Getting Your Children to Obey Without Nagging

“Try as I may, I cannot stop myself from nagging the children.  You know those border-line things that aren’t outright disobedience, but just things they should know to do or not do.  I do NOT want to nag…and yet I can’t seem to stop.  What to do?!” This sounds like myself.  In fact, what I’m about to write? Easy to write, much harder to do.  Why is that?  This post is for me, as much as for anyone else. In […]

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The Only Way to Be Important: This is the Essence of Being a Christian

The Only Wa to Be Important: This is the Essence of Being a Christian

It’s common to hear “I have been called to the mission field.” That typically means one has been called overseas to minister to a different country. Have you ever compared your life to someone else’s, say that of a foreign missionary’s, and felt less than great? Less than important? The desire to be important isn’t inherently wrong, but the way we try to go about accomplishing it is. Jesus’s own disciples desired to be great. But he told them: “…whoever […]

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One Tragic Mistake We Make Measuring Our Child’s Intelligence That Cripples Them for Life

One Tragic Mistake We Make Measuring Our Child

Whether our children are in the school system or educated at home, we are all guilty of one blaring, tragic mistake: we measure whole, limitless, unique, creative children with a tiny, severely limited measuring stick and they know if they don’t measure up. And I believe this one mistake is crippling their potential, costing us and them. We live in a society that has come to measure intelligence by some standardized academic questions on a test with the assumption that […]

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What if Everything We Think About School is Wrong? (What is a Real Education?)

As a homeschooler, what I believe about real education contradicted by the pressure of doing what most people think school should look like, haunts me day and night. There are a few, desperately pleading education reformers out there saying the most logical things human ears have heard, but are largely ignored because, “the status quo.” We must do what others are doing, no matter what logic we are confronted with. Because if we don’t, we must face our greatest bully: […]

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In Which I Have an Exciting Announcement

Since my daughter married over two years ago, they have suffered a miscarriage (possibly two) and have prayed fervently for a baby. Watching my daughter grieve and silently worry whether she will even be able to carry a pregnancy has been a really difficult thing. I have had to lean on the sovereignty of the Lord and try to help her do the same. Last week, completely unexpected, at her birthday party where she was supposed to be opening a […]

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Why Turmeric Powder Supplement is a Simple Solution for Good Health

Why Turmeric is a Simple Solution for Good Health

As a busy mom,  SIMPLE is the name of my game. But as I age, I want to be more intentional about my health still focusing on the simplest and best ways to do that. Enter, TURMERIC. When a friend mentioned this for a particular problem we had, I barely noticed the word and went on about my business. But then I kept seeing different articles outlining the research that had been done about turmeric and it didn’t take me […]

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God’s Heart Toward Children Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE. Another way our view of children affects the world is that if our thinking about children is not synonymous with His thinking about children, our entire paradigm of parenting is wrong. Did you hear that? We come into parenting with a completely wrong basis for the way we raise our children if we have the wrong view of them. And when the masses are parenting wrongly, we’ve got a mess. God’s view of children is that […]

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God’s Heart Toward Children-PART 1

A heart-breaking reality that we have experienced by default of our unusually large family, is that in general, the Church’s ideas about children are essentially the same as those outside. Heart-breaking, I say, because we let a culture that kills 3,500 babies a day in the womb, inform our opinion about children.

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